Week 6 run 1

I did week run 1 of week 6 on Saturday and repeated it on Tuesday as I am still finding that my breathing is shallow when running. I feel as if I should get my breathing sorted before moving any further on but would appreciate any advice.

Thanks :)


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10 Replies

  • Breathing is a tricky one and you'll find loads of posts on here about it, one from me too.

    Have you tried running on a tread mill? I found that it helped me sort my breathing out as I was like you breathing very shallow. What the treadmill allowed me to do was visually see what speed I was doing while I was slowing doing to get in to a nice comfortable breathing rhythm but still going faster than if I was walking.

    I can now run inside and out and my breathing has stabilised. Not sue if this technique will help you but it did me. Good luck

  • I find my breathing a problem for the first 5 minutes or so but seems to improve after that - maybe because I start thinking about other things by then and I'm not thinking about it so much, if that makes sense. Now I'm doing longer runs it isn't so bad as I think the stop start made it worse.

  • Run slowly enough to breath normally. Your breathing will sort itself out as you get through the runs.

  • Thank you for your responses :) I dont have access to a treadmill due to cacelling my gym membership when I started C25K but am beginning to feel as if I can pace myself better which has helped.

    Perhaps it will be best for me to just carry on working through the programme and allow my breathing to sort itself out. Fingers crossed that it will become more natural/easier over time.

    I'm mostly pleased to have got this far which is much more than I expected I could do :)

  • Yes definitely carry on working through the programme, you will find your own way with your breathing.

    I am still exactly the same for the first five or ten minutes, its all over the place . I just tell myself to keep calm and slow and try not to worry about it too much . It will settle down as you progress xxx

  • For now my breathing is kinda taking care of itself, not sure it is what Laura would say is right but it is working for me :D It is much better than it was to start with so like my running my breathing is improving week by week :D

  • Echoing the other comments here, just slow down as far as you can. Some peeps (me!) take ages to warm up properly, so after my brisk walk I treat the first 5 mins of my run as a very, very slow jog warm up, almost as slow as my brisk walk pace. Takes me longer but gets me in a rhythm and keeps me happier. We like happy :)

  • We dooo like happy :) I'm the same, first 5 minutes I'm worrying about the breathing being all over the place. After 5 minutes I'm into a happy steady rythm and forgotten all about the breathing :)

  • Thank you so much for your replies everyone :) I think it's tricky to know what's right when you're a new runner and although the programme is amazing it can't help with everything which is where this community comes in. I'm so grateful to all of you for your support and advice, you have given me confidence to press on. I'll be off to do week 6 run 2 soon. I'll let you know how I get on :)

  • I did it! Slowed down to what I can only describe as a shuffle. Breathing was fine though :) Thanks everyone

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