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Week 6 Run 1


So after taking a small break whilst on holiday in America (I did one run in 30 degree heat and decided it was too hot!) I’m back to it and after completing week 5 2 days ago and smashing my 20 minute run without any problem, I was feeling very optimistic about today’s run. Despite the wind and rain, I went out and did week 6 Run 1 and found myself really struggling. I don’t know why but my breathing was off and my legs were agony. Anyone any ideas why 2 days ago I could smash a 20 minute run but today’s run was so difficult? Got a colour run 5k in 3 weeks.....

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Apparently Week 6, runs 1&2 can be quite tricky. I was lucky & had prior warning to take it slow & steady. Not a fail Mumtomanypets, merely a practice run. Next run take it slow & steady. Hope you had a fab holiday 👍🏻

Thank you! Holiday was fab. Missed my runs but decided it was just too warm even at 7 in the morning!

Now back to reality, & blummin awful weather!!. Happy running 💨👍🏻


Thanks for the warning! Run 5.3 for me this morning 😸

Mumtomanypets in reply to Katnap

How did it go? Well I hope!

KatnapGraduate in reply to Mumtomanypets

I'm in a group of c25k runners and we all did it! 😸

It was and still is a lot too warm for my liking 🌀😎


I had the exact same this morning! It was really horrible. I would say the best thing moving forward it to try and forget about it. Try to go at run 2 with the same enthusiasm you had before run 1! Good luck 😊

Doing run 2 today so we shall see how it goes! Glad I’m not alone in this!

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