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Week 6 Run 1

It feels strange typing week 6 in the title, it just seemed so far off a month ago.

Anyway, horrible run really, calves ached all the way through and another really bad set of breathing, so bad I wanted to give up after the first 5 minutes.

I managed to push through but found this tougher than the 20 mins on friday, heh. I did it and very happy to have done it.

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Yes done the same run last night, much tougher ached all over, but so glad I was able to complete it well done to you. I must blog later.


I have the same problem yesterday. I managed the first 5 minutes but I struggled in the middle of the 8 minutes run and I have to walk for around 1 minute. I finished the last 5 minutes but also struggling. My main problem was also breathing, I felt like I was hyperventilating and was breathing very fast despite trying to make myself going slower. Let's see what happens tomorrow with run 2!


My knees really suffered after this run yesterday. I little better this morning, but still sore. Looking forward to Day 2 tomorrow in a sadistic sort of way - craving that after run buzz!


Firstly: Well Done!

I tried this run on sunday evening figuring 36hrs since previous run was enough. Had to quit 1 min into first run. Felt like croc was taking a bite out of my calf ...icing and stretching and taking a week off to mend properly ...look after yourself ...pamper those calves and dont rush the recovery...its frustrating here on the bench for a week


Well done! You have done it, which is the main thing, look after those aches and pains and all the best for Run 2, I did it last night, once you have done the first five minutes of the ten, the second is easier ...


I thought week 65 run 1 would be easy after managing 20 minutes but i attempted it last night and it was hard. Was ok whilst running but legs went to jelly when i had the walking sections.


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