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Hi all , still hanging around on here but havent been posting much because been quite busy with one thing or another . Still plodding on went out yesterday and ran for 30 mins after five weeks abstinence due to holiday etc. . I did ok took it steady covered 4k hoping to build it back up again but with my injury history, will use caution . Everybody is doing great i can see and its great to read all the inspiring posts . Anyway just to let you all know ive still got the running bug and hope to keep posting and keep running ..

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  • Hey Rockette, good to hear from you and to know you're still strutting your stuff. You'll get back to your pre-injury levels soon enough, but in the meantime, if you're anything like me, I'm just grateful for every niggle-free run I do. Happy running Sweetie :)

  • Ha ha thats so true , im the same glad to hear all is well , take care

  • Glad to see you back rockette 4 k in 30 mins is pretty good in anyone's book never mind that you haven't run for 5 weeks Good luck

  • Yes i am quite pleased only thought id manage 20 mins , suprising what we can do . Happy running fitfor60

  • Great to see you back Rockette and fab run after a long absence!

  • Thanks irishprincess

  • Sounds like a good run after 5 weeks break :-D Glad you are still out there and haven't lost your mojo! x ;-)

  • Thanks noexcuse great to hear from everyone

  • Lol identical to me ! Weather was fantastic I agree been before in October & wasn't that warm . Was there're a week and sanfrancisco before for a week too and same there , lovely weather . You do right building up slowly kittykat , I only set off to do 20 mins but felt ok so kept going albeit slowly . Goodluck with all your runs and fingers crossed we both stay injury free

  • Hi Rockette (waves) Cooooeeeee

    Missed you missus! Glad you're back. Good to hear you got your running shoes on. It's quite good running weather today oop t'north in it

  • Hey Rockette, good to hear from you and glad you are still running. Been wondering what you were up to. Hope you had a good holiday, a 3 to 4 break from running is meant to pay off big time in unceasing your speed and distance after a month or two building back up. So said an article someone posted yesterday either here or on the Facebook page!

  • Oh glad to hear that , going tomorrow see how it goes lol . How are you doing , hope all is well

  • I am fine, no more injuries and chest/lungs are okay so all's good. Still running 3 times a week, aiming for a 10k in December and another in January (both 'virtual' 10k's - more info on the beyond c25k Facebook page). I have also joined a running group (the same one as Rona - Fitfor60 - goes too) which I think is going to stretch me a good bit. Second meeting tonight!!!

  • Glad to hear your doing so well . I think running groups are the way to go , keep saying im joining one but havent as yet . Good luck with your training im sure u will have do great

  • Do great i meant

  • what is up with my typing today????

    3 to 4 week break and increasing not unceasing!!

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