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Is Week 5 all that bad?

I had a blip in that my week 4 was disrupted by a ridiculously hectic business trip to Scandinavia where I was unable to run, so having done week 4 run 1, I started week 4 all over again and did it OK. Saturday's Week 4 run 3 was tough - i'd had a lot of sugar the night before (usually for me).

I was really apprehensive about week 5 - but once I got out there this morning the 3x5min intervals were just about manageable. What I am dreading are runs 2 & 3 where you do 2x 8 mins and 1x20 min.

How have others got over the fear of this? Is it all in my mind? What can I do to trust and believe that I can do it?

I know that I am getting fitter as my breathing is easier to manage and my heart rate is topping out at about 154 (was going to 160) and my recovery is better.

I know, i know, I'll be told "trust the program", but I am full of fear that I cannot do this week. HELP!

Thanks a lot - Barry

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I would think to myself - what will happen if I don't succeed first time? Nothing drastic, just a bit of disappointment, Laura won't beat you with a big stick! Start slow, you know the rest (trust then programme, so I won't say that) Oops I said it! Give it a go, you might surprise yourself! Good luck, and remember we're all rooting for you!


Oh, and a little mantra I read on here - "I know I can, I know I can" in the immortal words of Thomas The Tank Engine, I believe - it helped me!


Yes it is the most scary Week. The thought of 20 minutes continuously sounds like a really huge step. But as Laura tells you, you've put in the training, and now you can do it. I was dreading run 2 those two 8 minute runs, especially as I find the first few minutes the most difficult. But I still remember Laura telling me that the first 8min run was over and I thought, what, already, there must be some mistake! Then there is a nice long recovery walk and another 8 minutes, and its done :)

The 20 minute run was a bit of a struggle, although I think it's mostly in the mind. I felt really pleased at the end that I'd managed a whole 20mins non stop, but afterwards feeling a bit down. A bit down because I realised this was the first run that seemed a chore, the first run I hadnt really enjoyed doind :( That was a bit sad, as I thought, well, so maybe that's it, from here on its not fun anymore, its just a chore. Happily though, when the 25 min run at the end of the following week came it wasnt a chore, it was fun :)

Now I'm on week 7. I did run 1 week 7 ( é( mins ) at 6am this morning and thoroughly enjoyed it despite having a cold and sore throat.

So, dont be afraid, its not so bad. You CAN do it :)


Thought I was the only one feeling good after R2 and down after R3. Don't panic, I suspect everyone feels the same at the beginning of week 5. Take it slow, let that snail overtake you, and you will be fine. Good luck


Take it very slowly and you'll be fine. When I did this run I thought of it in 4 five minute chunks.

You know you can run for 5 minutes, you know you can run for 10 minutes, then you're half way already, another 5 minutes (you can't stop now!) you have to keep going for the last 5 minutes!

It really is your mental attitude that will get you through. Your body has been conditioned and will do it. Just remember how great you'll feel when you've done it!

Reply the programme...I had nightmares all week about doing the 20 minute run ( I'm not joking!)...and I did it. I won't joke, its flipping hard, but its more mind over matter at that point. Your body is capable but your brain doesn't want you to. Just get a mantra and keep repeating!!!! Good luck and keep us all posted...


You can do it Barry :D i have gone with Laura and the program all the way so far, starting week8 tomorrow , that 1st 20mins does seem to big step but in reality it is just lots of smaller ones which you do week1 - week5 ,Trust laura and you will be just fine :D


It's definitely all in the mind, and you're definitely not the first person to be concerned about it. You've just got to bite the bullet, get out there and keep running until Laura says you can stop. Go slowly and you will succeed...and you will feel so great about yourself afterwards !


All - Thanks for the support and encouragement. I was all ready to do week 5 run 2 today but have had a scratchy throat all week. Last night it got really bad and now I have a chesty cough and blinding headache. Hoping that this clears soon as I have a history of bad throats going to my chest. Fingers crossed it goes soon and I can get back to it.


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