W6R3 Tomorrow....25mins run....really??!

Pretty worried about my next run tomorrow. Last run was two sets of 10mins with 3mins walking inbetween....found it quite hard. I wasn't too out of breath, but my legs just wanted to give up! Now I've read about the next run of 25 solid minutes...this seems like such a leap!!!!

Anybody else find this or did you find it surprisingly, not that bad??

How am I going to do this?! I'm scared!

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  • I found all of week 6 tough, but day 3 not quite as bad as 1 or 2! And now, no more intervals!

  • I would say just see how it goes. The runs i've been most worried about beforehand have never been my horrid runs, and those I tend to think will be easier, somehow turn out to be more challenging! Sometimes I feel dead legs if I've gone out too fast in the beginning, just start out really slowly and I'm sure you will be fine. Good luck!

  • You've build up endurance and stamina during all the past weeks, therefore you can do it!! I was dreading this run too, but trusted the programm and it went surprisingly well. Difficult, but well. You did great so far, it's just that getting to this point is a bit frightening but you worked for it so you definitely can do it!! Even if you were to fail this time (which I doubt), there's no shame to re-do week 6 (I did week 1 and 3 twice). You'll be completing the programm, and get this beautiful, shiny badge like we all did, I'm sure!! Good luck!! :-)

  • You can do it! I've just completed Wk 6 D3 and found it not to bad. I nearly chickened out trying it as the weather is the warmest it has been since I started the programme... I loaded up day 2 on my IPod again, but changed it to day 3 after a minute of warm up. I thought that if I couldn't do it I could just walk some of the way and start the week again next run. BUT I DID IT! Yee haa!!! You can too! Good luck!

  • Thanks soo much for all the encouragement! I went earlier today and I DID IT!! I'm amazed, it's given me a great confidence boost and to trust the programme more now than I did before. Ended up going later in the day than I would have liked, and found it soo hot, so hopefully on my next one I can go earlier and find it maybe a little easier!

    Thanks again everybody :-)

  • Well done. Only 3 weeks to go.

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