Hey dudes,

I just listened to a fab radio 5 interview with Nell McAndrew who was giving a "running clinic" on't radio. I have no idea who she is, but she was like us lot, in that she took up running as something to get fit by. Then trained for a marathon which she did in under 3 hours!!! Gordon Bennet! It was a most interesting chat and one bloke phoned in who had got addicted to running - so much so that he had to stop. He ran 5 miles in the morning, 5 miles in the afternoon and then 10 miles at night!! EVERY DAY! MANIAC. Nell told him he had over trained. think? But what is interesting is that although running makes us feel good, we have to be careful not to overdo things.

In other news.....

I'm excited because ;

1) My birthday is tomorrow and I'm off work for another 4 weeks (resting between contracts daaaahhhliing, as we say in the film biz) and get to be spoiled rotten by Mrs Dan.

2) I've had the most fabulous few days in Cornwall where I introduced once again, my legs to the Cornish hills. Man they are STEEP!

3) I'm doing my second run on the My Asics Half Marathon Running Plan which is gonna be an 8K "Build Up" run - whatever the hell that is?

My lovely running chum who bullied me into doing a HM next October, has already blessed me with their happiness and encouragement. But they still won't tell me which HM I'm supposed to be doing with them. In a way, it's kind of exciting not knowing - training my body for something I have never ever before done.

Right, that's me until my run report tomorrow. Take care and behave guys. It's a jungle out there.


yer pal



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  • Do Tough Mudder do half marathons these days? ;)

  • I was thinking more Snowdonia or Ben Nevis :D

  • I had no idea what that was.....until I googled.!!! JEEZ....

  • Nope, Tough Mudder only do the standard 20k distance.

    TM is a bit of a lightweight OCR.

  • Nell McAndrew is like a machine with her marathons. Surprised you've never heard of her though (she was Lara Croft before Angelina). Google her and you might just like what you see!!

    The build-up runs are great but they took me *ages* to get right. The concept being that you start off steady and then start to increase your speed. I used to aim for negative splits for each ongoing mile. Unfortunately for quite a few of my initial attempts my pace used to represent more of a humpback bridge than a steady improvement :D That said, once I'd nailed it they helped me enormously in the HM.

    Have you managed to work out a shortlist of possible HM's that it could be? Have they asked you to check that your passport/inoculations are in date?!!

  • Have just googled Nell McA and I LIKED WHAT I SAW! Thank you.

    Thanks for the build up run info. Most useful. I'll try and mentally prepare for that now....

    There's gonna come a time when my chum will HAVE to divulge the HM location. I'm thinking of methods on how I can extract the information.....

  • Looking at the facts ...

    1) There's two of you running it

    2) It's in October

    Ipso facto it must be this one ...

    Happy birthday for tomorrow :)

  • Detective Inspector FrockyHorror strikes again......or does she?

  • Richmond Running Festival Half Marathon 2015

    Date : 6 September 2015

    Could be that one I reckon.

    We share a birthday incidentally.


    It's not Richmond. That much I do know....

  • Run Reigate? Also in September...

  • Likewise sir and don't forget......

    Growing old is mandatory but growing up is optional.

  • happy birthday for tomorrow Dunder! :)

  • Thank you.

  • Happy Birthday Dunder ! Have a brilliant day :-) xxx

  • Thank's m'dear.

  • Happy birthday Dan, and Dunder. Mine is on Sunday. Lots of birthday action around at the moment!

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY for Sunday TT. I'm having dilemmas whether to buy a tube of "Just For Men" or not as a birthday treat. I'm concerned at the amount of grey in my barnet fair!

  • Thanks Turbo. Have a good one on Sunday.

  • Happy Birthday Dan and Dunder! and good luck with the HM preparations, wherever you are running.

  • Thanks oldgit!

  • Hi Dan, Nell McAndrew is a gorgeous model - the sort you would really appreciate running behind!

    Happy Birthday for tomorrow!

  • I know that NOW! I've seen pictures.....corrrrrrr

  • Heard a rumour it was the Midsummer Munro but I was sworn to secrecy. Ooops

  • Oooh....I love rumours....

  • Hippo birdies, two ewes, hippo birdies two ewes! Have a good day Dan the running man!


  • Cheers Madge!

  • Happy birthday Dan. Make sure you have fun. Listen to any and all advice from Frocky, her HM pace was extraordinarily even. The Garmin trace was so straight it looked like it had been drawn using a ruler! Happy running and happy dreams about the lovely Nell. :)

  • Hahaha! Thanks AM.

  • I'd never heard of Nell McAndrew either. Eskimo Nell, yes, but Ms McAndrew, no. I was surprised to learn from Google that she is married to Paul Hardcastle, but then disappointed to discover it was n-n-n-n-n-n-not the Paul Hardcastle of 19 fame.

    Many Happy Returns for tomorrow, Dan. Funnily enough, I am between contracts as of tomorrow as well, although unlikely to be spoiled rotten by Mrs R.

  • I remember Hard Paulcastle. 1980's synth pop dude? But clearly not the one married to Uber Babe Nell. Thanks for B'day wishes dude.

  • I'm surprised you don't know who Nell is as she is HOT!! Now you have us all wondering where on earth you'll be doing your HM...I wondered here:

    Could be interesting??!

  • You'll be the second to know Juju as soon as I KNOW!! (Love that link by the way....)

  • Nell is one of the nineties hotties, a sweet voice and her DVDs were HAAAAAAARDD! Never realised about her running though doesn't surprise me. Enjoy your Birthday and your break. A good opportunity for some incremental long running. Tell Mrs Dan she is wonderful and a women I will never live up too!! Poor hubby note to self to try harder! :)

  • Thanks Carole. I AM a lucky man indeed. I'm sure you're as attentive!

  • Happy birthday for tomorrow Dan! :) 4 weeks off, you lucky B****R! :X enjoy your celebrations and that 8k-er!

    i think its brilliant that you pal hasn't told you what the half marathon is, you'd be worrying about it already! :) the element of surprise is a good ploy i reckon! have fun! :)

  • I agree. I'm sure at some point they will say - "Guess where this f****ng half M is then you limp **ck?" to which I'll reply "Do you have to be so coarse?" and then she'll say - "It's in _ _ _ _ _".

    I can't wait!

  • Happy birthday for tomorrow have a great day. Never mastered the different runs on my ASIC plan. I have one speed and that's it. I tried different ones but they all turned out the same. I think it's some Nina thing to be able to speed up and slow down.

  • I tried it today and it's HARD!

  • Happy Birthday and Happy Running Dan and Dunder :)

  • Cheers Zev.


    I'm down to do 2 hm in Sept - the first will be more of a long walk, the second a proper hm. If you are very lucky, maybe your friends have entered you for the first - google Bacchus run - complete with wine tasting...

  • I saw that - can't be much of a run, more a stumble!

  • I still have no idea. But get you and your TWO HM's!!

  • Happy Birthday Dan ! Hope you have a brilliant day :-D xxx

  • Ta pops!

  • Happy birthday Dan, and enjoy your 4 weeks between contracts :)

  • I most certainly will. Thanks Tomas.

  • HOLY SH**! That looks bloody frightening!

  • Great wheeze, this not knowing game! Torture for you but you have to suffer for your art don't you!

    Happy birthday by the way. I expect you'll be spoilt rotten by your good lady. 'appen it'll be new runnings duds for your Marathon De Sables. Ooops! The cat's out the bag! Mrs Dan swore me to secrecy. Soz!

  • You are CRAZY! Thanks for birthday wishes MW. Was indeed spoiled rotten....

  • 8k "build up".. more like "finish off"! Especially after too much of the good stuff..

    We're all intrigued now re your HM - and this is a friend?? Hope they sort out suitable travel arrangements etc

    Finally Happy Birthday Dan - hope it's a good un :-) xx

  • Yes my dearest running buddy is a friend and has been on at me before to run a HM with them. They know that the only way to get me to do it is to keep me intrigued for as long as possible.

    And thanks for b'day wishes. It was a FAB day.

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