Day 9 in the Big Injury House. Dan is still recoverin' from a pulled back muscle.......

This lovely weather we've been having in SE England has made it harder to be on the damned injury couch, because there's nothing I like better than absorbing a healthy does of vitamin D. Spring is my kinda season folks. I love the light changing, I love the smells of things growing in the garden and I love the sounds too (can't think of any spring sounds right now, but you get the picture).

I have managed a few walks successfully. I had absolutely no idea how debilitating this pulled muscle could have been. There are folks who have informed me of putting their back out whilst picking up the phone. Or even putting their socks on! Streuth.

Well, my original ailment was my right leg - but because of this confounded back problem, I've almost forgotten what the leg problem was!! I'm visiting Mrs Podiatrist on Wednesday for another credit card thrashing, so I'm hoping it will bear fruit, in that once I've been given an MOT for my bio mechanics, I will run cleaner, meaner and more streamlined.

In the meantime I'm toying with the idea of having a run tomorrow - 3K or so. Just to test the water so to speak. Not having run for 9 days is making me grumpy and crotchety! Especially when I read about you all doing so BRILLIANTLY well, I just want to don my lycra pants and get out there!

Got this 10K race on the 21st, so a couple of weeks to get in shape for it. I should be tickety boo for that - at least I'd better be. Then my next distance goal is going to be ten miles. I need to work towards something, so I've decided that seeing as I once ran 8 miles a few weeks ago, I see no reason why I can't nudge up the mileage to 10. That will be a major feather in Dans Hat I can tell you.

In the meantime, enjoy your forthcoming week of running. Be careful out there. It's a jungle innit?

Yer pal



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15 Replies

  • you poor love ...rest up, eat Mrs Dan's lovely food and restore yourself....go easy tomorrow .....

  • Thanks Jooj! Don't worry....I'm gonna go soooooo carefully.

  • good boy

  • At least the walks have let you get out into the sunshine - with any luck the weather will turn again and howling gales and whipping rain will keep you indoors until you are properly healed before you run again! Really, a 3k run before you go back to the podiartrist? How about a compromise, how about w1r1, just to get you outside and engaging in a very light jog rather than a run? Take Laura with you, just for old times sake. Then once you can do that with no pain, you can think about a continuous run. I am all for not giving in to niggles, but you really want to give a pulled muscle time to heal rather than pulling it again once it is only half fixed.

    Put on your lycra and go volunteer at parkrun next week - you will be so busy, you wont have time to worry about not running (or volunteer for tail runner, so you can walk around!). I know it's frustrating, but don't push too hard too soon - if you see what I mean (after all that bedroom talk last week, I'm not even sure I should be mentioning phrases like that...)

    You will be back out soon and leaving us all in your dust again before you know it.

  • I know what you mean about the weather here, it's perfect running weather. Like you I went for a run yesterday but after a couple of heavy hikes this week had to pull up and watch the gorgeous weather from the couch. My calves were playing up. I hope you get to do a little run, Just enough to lift the mood. It's easy to get a bit grumpy without them. Happy healing.

  • Now come on! Get it reet man!

    "Daye nyne in thu big brutha injureee hoose man! "

    Hee hee!! I know. Spring is sprung! Hope you manage ok and are well and truely off that injury couch v soon!!!!

  • Sympathies Dan, I feel your pain. Hope the podiatrist offers you free insoles and the physio a free torture and you have a pain fee run later in the weeks. Good luck :)

  • Take it easy, Dan.

    Credit card thrashings ain't no fun.

  • Spring sounds #1: "BOING!" said Zebedee.

  • Get well soon Dan, be careful tomorrow, fingers crossed for you! :) Hope you IC couch days are numbered :)

  • Oooh you've got me all nervous! Please go careful Dan, hope all goes well x :-)

  • Oooh Im excited and nervous for you Dan . I hear you loud n' clear :-)

    Ive been told not to run for 2 weeks and I havent but oh I just want to get out there , I feel like a useless blob at the minute .

    Take it easy, diamond geezer :-) xxx

  • Hope you get well soon, Dan!

  • Mmmm ... As tempting as it is to try and 'run it off' you don't want to aggravate your injury and extend your stay on the IC ... Be sensible!!!!!

  • Oh rotten eck Dan! I hope you will be good to go for your 10k. Don't start running too soon!

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