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Hello fellow Runnerettes,

Having had the most spiffing Xmas in a gigantic house in the Yorkshire Dales with my wife and her extended family, I was ready to run this morning. We drove back yesterday (Sat) which was an extremely taxing journey. 8 bloody hours in the car was enough to turn me into a right grump, so when I got home I drank an entire bottle of Shiraz and ate a bar of wholenut!

However, this morning I was ready. Mrs Dan had bought me some new brightly coloured running gear for Christmas and I was previewing my new long sleeved running top and running tights. To complete the ensemble I wore my new beanie, shoved on some shades and gloves and I was off!

MAN IT WAS COLD! It took me 2K to warm up properly and even then I felt a chill around the walnuts. But as this was my first run in a week I was determined to not let anything get in my way. No snow here in London but the sky was a flawless blue and the sun shone brightly, the river Thames showing off it's sparkly water as the sun beams bounced on the surface. It was pretty beautiful.

I found the run hard. So hard. It's only been 8 days since my last run, but by jove, I was feeling the excess Christmas Poundage being dragged along. In total I ran 7K, clocking in a 5K in 29'31.

January sees a month of ZERO BOOZE! Also to add to this, Mrs Dan cooks ONLY detox meals (from her cookbook she has on the subject) so I am expecting to lose the excess weight gained over the past few weeks. Also, as I did last year, I'm going to use MyFitnessPal in conjunction with running, eating healthily and no booze. I only have 7lbs to get rid of so not as bad as this time last year when I was 20lbs over!

I am hoping you all had happy Christmas's and enjoyed yourselves. Will be back soon with more running fun!

Yer pal


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Sounds like a good run Dan and that's a good 5 km time. It is very brisk today but like you said clear sky's in London so it looks very nice out there. My next run is on Tuesday and I wouldn't mind a day like today.


Sounds lovely but cold!! Great 5k time.

Happy New Year Dan!


I hate long car journeys as I just want to get out of the car and run now! And you need the patience of a saint.

Well done on the run Dan and great time too. We took all the family for a walk today and yes it was FREEZING. Time for the thermals methinks.


I think I'll do a no booze January too. Well once the boy goes back to school on 5th anyway! I haven't run since Christmas eve and am itching to get out, also having just come back on a long car journey. It's gonna be another cold one tonight, so I'd better leave it till late tomorrow morning or I'll have to skate rather than run! Will be trying out my new warm leggings though!


Talk about it. 7 hours from North Yorkshire to London on Boxing Day. I had to have a bit of the red when we got in as well. I am sure you looked good in your running gear. I had seven days off and I thought my run was terrible today until I saw my stats, only 1min slower so not too bad. Happy running for the new year.


Great post Dan, good to hear you were out and about showcasing your new Winter Collection :-)

Christmas in the Yorkshire Dales sounds fab. It is a beautiful part of the world, but then I am very biased as I am from there ha ha .

Good luck with the Dry-a- Thlon. Absolutely Jantastic ! :-D xxx


Well done on your run today, and that resolution to have a booze free Jan! you will be in fine fettle for the LWR in that case! I'm doing the same with healthy eating in January to give me a kick start into the new year! :)


Ah Day Z - what a great post - and only 7 pounds to lose- - a cinch:-)

Having had an absence of exercise for a few months - braved a bike ride today- I can vouch for cold - wow - my fingers I swear had frost bite.

So all of us back out there - no drink ( sigh) - detox and everything- welcome back January!!

Have you thought of doing fantastic - many of us have joined as NHS C25kers....

Happy New year everyone.


Hehe I feel your pain. I was stuck on the A1 too, but only (only??) for 7 hours. I'm loving the idea of the detox January. That may well make an appearance in our house too, once my skinny daughter goes back to uni. Will definitely be parking the vino on Jan 1st though. Maybe for the month, maybe for the whole year. Wait a minute, did I really just write that??

Happy running Dan, your posts always raise a smile :)


Ar the post festive weight loss challenge - every year it arrives. I like you have a little to lose - and like you it's less than prev years due to now being a runner - yay!!

I'm sure you'll nail it Dan!

:-) xx


Good post Dan, I am in Australia it is rather warm here and we need to get out early to beat the heat. Swimming is great in on our hot days

Happy new year to all

Happy running



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