Today was a better day :0)

I got back out there today. My legs have been aching loads from Monday night's running group - had partaken in lots of squats - and have my thighs been feeling! Well it was tough today - I took Laura with me and managed 30 mins, but really had to push myself round. Those gremlins went all the way round with me and my legs were struggling and when I stopped running, I think both of my legs shouted Whoopee!! I have taken my pace down a bit because I think I have been pushing it too hard and need to remember that this is still early days yet.

I have proved to myself that I can still do it and will run again on Friday. Thank you everyone for your support and helpful comments - it really, really helped and made me get back out there.

I love you all xxxx


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12 Replies

  • Morning runningknitter! I missed your running club post, sorry. I think you did very well and am glad that the people were friendly. It did sound like a totally different 'experience' from how we've been training so far, so it's bound to be tough/strange. I do a Nordic walking class on a Thursday and was really surprised when I joined to find that we didn't just walk but that the instructor includes squats, lunges, double-poleing (don't ask!) etc. I'm not surprised that your thighs were screaming at you!

    I'm not much of a group joining person, so parkrun seems a bit less scary to me. There may be more people involved but the level of interaction will be less (I'm imagining anyway, cos I haven't done one yet). So from my point of view in really impressed that you went out and tried it.

    I'm glad you got out there again and had a better day.

    I was chatting to a friend on Tuesday who has been running, low key (eg 30 minutes 4 or 5 times a week) for years. I was telling her about my plans for how to keep myself going and motivated post graduation. All the things that I seem to need or want to try didn't speak to her at all. She didn't want to try parkrun with me (doesn't like running with other people), didn't want to push herself to improve speed or distance wise, didn't want to try anything new like intervals or new routes. Running the same 30 minute route is what floats her boat. The last time I graduated from C25K I tried to do that and gradually lost interest and stopped running. So the consensus from our discussion was that we are ALL different and need or enjoy different stimuli/experiences. The main thing is we're not on that couch anymore and we're getting out there! And we enjoy it!

    Glad your grand daughter cheered you up. I'm going to become the grandmother of a little girl in February (my first grandchild) so I'll have my own little gremlin basher/ Eeyore cloud chaser :-) :-)

    Happy running, whether you give the running club another go or not! I think it sounds like they might be worth another bash ;-)

  • Yes horses for courses I think....I am going to forget about parkrun for a few weeks and consolidate my 30 mins running. Will definitely go back to the running club and also will try using the cross trainer for a bit of variation.

    I bet you are excited about getting a little grand-daughter. I was overwhelmed by how much I love little E. She feels like one of my own children, but I can give her back (not that I normally want to!). She is at the Peppa Pig obsessed stage at the mo lol!

    Thank you x

  • Glad your mojo is returning a little bit. I'm not loving these dark mornings - it delays my start time and, being a total control freak and someone who hates to have to change plans on account of external circumstances (!), it's not good for my psyche. Nowt I can do about it though, so just gotta suck it up!

  • I like to run in daylight - I don't do early mornings! Do you have to go out so early? Sounds like you are doing well though :0)

  • No I don't have to - I just like to get out and about before everybody else because then I can run on the smooth(ish) flat road instead of having to use the sloping pavements in my village. I can't believe the local authority didn't consult me before deciding that all pavements must be sloping towards the road, presumably to allow the rain to run off. Most inconsiderate!

  • Very inconsiderate ;0)!! I am safer round here in the daylight. Our lane is a rat run very early in the morning and I would probably get squished!

  • Runningknitter that's great news so pleased you got back out even when not feeling as keen. I think you should be feeling very proud of yourself! It's hard when you don't have the running buzz.

    You can do it! I hope you enjoy your Friday run x

  • Thank you :0) x. I felt so much better last night having run and I am feeling more positive about getting out tomorrow

  • No need to run fast and hurt yourself. Steady as she goes, slow but SURE. You need to build your body up to support your running so any cross training is a good idea. As you get fitter, and you can run for longer periods, and you seem improved run times, it becomes less of a chore. You see yourself getting fitter, losing weight, toning up and generally feeling better. Proof positive that what you're doing is paying off

    Rome wasn't built in a day though so no rush. Be patient

  • Yup - I think I was just expecting a bit too much really. If I consolidate what I have first of all then, I will perhaps up my running time in a few weeks. I was just getting carried away by it all lol! x

  • well done, thats so so good that you got out there....always a good idea to slow the pace down if its hard, and also to breathe....

  • Thanks Ju x. Good luck for Sunday :0)

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