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W5R1 - better music, better running


So I didn't manage a run while I was away for a few different reasons (this could turn into a therapy session where I pour my heart out but I'll spare you!), which meant I'd had 4 days off.

I was up and out by about 6.15 am - after dithering about whether it was raining or not, and then finding a neighbourhood cat trying to get into the house as I was leaving I eventually made it, and I was feeling quite good. I had thought about changing my route from running along a road to going round a park, however as it was still really dark and wet I decided to stick to my usual route (with added hills). Yet the hills worked out OK today with the timings, as I was walking up them and running down them.

I much prefer running to songs with words, and the first song on run one really resonated with me and got me thinking about things, which distracted me from the actual physical activity. And the hip-hopy song on the 2nd run had me making up lyrics to apply to my own life.

Overall I think this might have been the most bearable run I've done so far. Hoping W5R2 goes just as well....

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Isn't it like the thing, the run with the best music and you only get to do it once... :-)

I enjoyed it too, in comparison!

Good luck with the rest of week 5!


Oh no, was that the peak for the music? Is it all downhill from here?


It was the only run where I thought, well, that music was almost okay... :-)

But now you've just got W5R2, and W6R1/2 where you need Laura to tell you when to walk and when to run. And it's such fun making your own playlists and then running to them, though sometimes you're surprised what's good to run to and what isn't.

Good luck for the rest of W5!


I'm looking forward to W5R3 when you can run for 20 mins and so listen to your own music - I'm sure thats going to help me get through it!

Good luck for future runs Slater!


Hi Sue, I completed R3 tonight and it was fine, I know you'll breeze it.. Good luck Jackie x


Slater, welcome to week 5!!!! It's nice you could make your mind wander, it will help you get through the runs. Wishing you success with the next two runs in w5!! :-)

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Thanks guys, I'm already starting to think of songs I'm going to put in my playlist!


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