Today was a very special day

Today is my birthday yep that's a special day, but today was a VERY special day for me.

Today I ran/walked 3.86Km in 35 minutes. Its the first time I've been able to run in nearly 7 months. Having been crippled by PF I've hopefully at long last found a cure and succeeded in conquering the pain that has plagued me all this time. Now the hard work begins to get back up to speed and distance, but its no race, I've all the time in the world ;)

Thanks to all my friends on here and Facebook Group who have helped and supported me through this very frustrating time on the injury bench. Thank you for putting up with my posts on rowing which has helped keep me reasonably fit, your comments have encouraged me to keep going. I will not stop rowing even now I'm hopefully back out running as I firmly believe its a very good cross training exercise along with cycling and swimming , a mixture I'm convinced is the best way to prevent injury.

I haven't the heart to do C25K all over again, it would be the 4th time so I have decided to just do some simple intervals of running/walking, today was 3 minutes run, 1 minute walk for 35 minutes and it seemed to work OK, my fitness is still there its just a question of building up the leg strength and stamina again.

Happy running everyone, good luck to those just starting out. Its just over 4 years now since I first set out to do week 1 run 1, I've had a lot of fun, some pain and illness throughout the 4 years but its in my blood this running malarkey I hope you enjoy it as much as I have and still do. :)


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  • Happy Birthday - and lots of congratulations all round. Very cheering to read. Linda

  • Happy birthday oldgirl! Great to hear that you are doing so well and back running, thats great news so congratulations on that and of course your special day......:)

  • Happy birthday! What a great way to celebrate - lovely to hear you're out and running.

  • Happy birthday to you! Well done for getting out there x

  • Happy Birthday :)

  • Happy Birthday! :)

  • Oh OG, that is fabulous news - and on your Birthday too ! Definitely a double Brucie Bonus :-D Hope you had a lovely day, its been a long time coming hasn't it , but you have never faltered in giving support and encouragement to others on here.

    A very Happy Birthday to you ! :-) xxx

  • Happy Birthday! Glad to hear you're back to running :)

  • You are amazing Oldgirl and you determination has certainly spurred me on in diffficult times. Happy Birthday yesturday to an incredibly special lady....and happy panthering to you too. I'm so happy for you xxxxxxx

  • Have a wonderful race today Panther Girl xx

  • Happy birthday and fantastic news on your recovery. Enjoy your running you'll be back up to speed in no time. Deb

  • so glad to hear you are able to run again - still pretty fit from all the other exercise from the sound of it. oh and Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you .........

  • Happy birthday, well done for persevering! If you've done C25K so many times I'm sure you know how to out your own programme together and improve without injuring yourself. Best of luck.

  • Happy birthday

  • So happy for you. Happy Birthday for yesterday.x

  • Happy birthday for yesterday and congrats on getting back out there!

  • I'm delighted to hear you're back Oldgirl. And a really great first run too considering the length of your absence! Rowing is hard. I did some last week and I ached the next day but I did think of you and thought, how does she do so much of this?

    Happy Birthday for yesterday.

  • That is fanatsic news I am so pleased for you. What a great birthday present to yourself. There will have to be a race made up that's part running and part rowing now, as you would be a natural. Hope you had a great birthday.

  • Happy (belated) birthday, OG. I am drawing on some of that gritty determination that you have displayed over the last few months, while I impatiently wait for my right achilles to give me the message that it is ready for running again. As you have proved, patience is required with these matters. No point rushing and exacerbating the issue. As always we will follow your progress with delight. Your example is one we will all be proud to follow.

    Keep running, keep smiling.

  • I didn't know you had an injury - I hope it heals quickly and you are back out on the highways (and country lanes ) again soon.

  • Really sorry to hear you are out of action hope you are back out there soon.

  • Fantastic news and happy birthday! Hope you have an event-free recovery

  • Happy birthday and happy new running day - it is great to hear that you have conquered the PF. All your other activities will show you their rewards as you start running again. Onwards and upwards - you keep telling us about them there hills right up north.

  • Happy birthday Sweetie and many many many congratulations on getting back out there running again after so long on the injury couch. I'm so happy for you, it's just the BEST news. Well done :) :) :) :) :) :)

  • Happy birthday, have a great day

  • If you don't mind me asking what was the cure for PF?

    Good luck with your further training - your first day was pretty impressive - well done you.

  • Have purchased Orthotic insoles which seem to have done the trick, although I've also used a night splint (recommend) loads of foot exercises and refrained from running. It's a nasty condition and cures will differ with each case. Don't be tempted to waste money on expensive gel insoles (my opinion) they don't do what is needed and that's foot support.

  • Happy Birthday! And that's fantastic news about managing your first run in 7 months! So happy for you :D

  • Happy Birthday to yerrrrrrrrr (as Stevie Wonder sang)!!

    This is indeed, superb news OldGirl. 7 months is a long recovery period but it looks like you're back. So pleased for you. Remember now, BABY STEPS!

  • Belated Happy Birthday Oldgirl. Lovely pressie getting off the injury bench, though it sounds like you have been keeping your other muscles busy during downtime. Hope you had a lovely day. :)

  • Woo hoo it's OG back again! Yeehah! Missed you. I can't look at the rowing machine in the park without thinking about you rowing for Scotland!

    Glad to hear you managed a run OG! Fabulous news. I hope you're ok after it and nothing has fallen off, well nothing serious anyway.

    So, this is it then. You're back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • This is superb news OldGirl. I really hope you have conquered the PF for good, you have been so determined and positive. And have a very happy birthday!

  • Happy Birthday Oldgirl. So sorry that you've been out of action- it sounds about the same length as me. Good for you for keeping the fitness going with the rowing. (Ooops- a bit of a rhyme going on there!) Go carefully out there and keep us all posted! :)

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And what a fantastic way to celebrate! I am so pleased that you have managed to do that distance - I bet you're well chuffed!

    HAPPY RUNNING! :) :) :)

  • Congratulations and Happy Birthday!

  • Many happy returns of the day and many congratulations on your return to running :)

  • Happy Birthday YoungGirl

    Glad about your PF. I have a claw toe which is so uncomfortable feeling (not as painful or debilitating as PF I would imagine) and just tape it to it's neighbouring toe when I run which alleviates it a bit. But to let it stop me running - NEVER

    Keep the strides even and plentiful


  • Happy belated birthday wishes Oldgirl. Glad that things are getting better for you.

  • Happy belated birthday and good luck on your return to running :)

  • Nice to have you back oldgirl! Look after those feet and Happy Birthday

  • 4 years since we 1 run 1. Well done you. I hope I'm still going in four years time. Congratulations.

  • Scuse my manners OG!!!! I forgot to wish you Happy Birthday!

    Many happy returns of the day. I hope you had some running related prezzies!

  • Belated birthday wishes, and what fantastic news! Hope your running goes well and you have seen the last of the injury couch.

    I started looking at this website just about the time you went on the injury couch. Your post made me realise how much I have achieved in that short time (well maybe not for you). I wish you all the best for the future. Happy running.... and rowing, and cycling, and swimming!!

  • I know it is now well past your birthday but I am just catching up after time away from this lovely forum. I wanted to say how happy I am to hear that you have been able to start running again. You have been so supportive of everyone else including myself and it must have been so frustrating not being able to run although you have been very active by the sounds of things. I hope you had a wonderful birthday and enjoy the many runs you have in your future :)

  • Well done! What an inspiring story of perseverance, thanks for sharing x

  • Well done! What an inspiring story of perseverance, thanks for sharing x

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