Glum :0(

I am having a glum day today :0(. I went to the new running group last night. I enjoyed it - the people were nice, it was mixed ability - but it did make me feel like I am such a beginner :0/. It wasn't just a continual run, but stretches, interval training etc, so although I was running OK, I didn't really feel like I got into a proper rhythm. I am definitely going to go back next week and use it as an extra to running on my own. I haven't been out since I graduated and I need to get back out there. I am feeling a bit demotivated today and I also think I may have a shin splint starting. I am sitting here in compression socks (and other clothes) feeling a bit sorry for myself....


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  • Oh no...don't be sad! Think of all the wonderful progress you've made so far! I blame that Laura, making us think we can continue to make massive improvements every time we run. I think it's important at our stage to just enjoy our running and not judge ourselves against other people. Maybe the interval training doesn't suit you, did you say that before? I find it really hard to get going again if I stop. There's years ahead for running, just enjoy your new ability for a bit xx

  • Thank you xx. I think will try and get out tomorrow and hopefully a decent run on my own will spur me on. Maybe I will give the running group one more try and then make a decision then. I know that I always struggle with the first 5 mins of running anyway so with all the stopping and starting it just felt a bit odd.

  • When you go out again, choose a route you like, or one that is easy, so you finish it feeling good about yourself and your running. You don't have to make any definitive decisions about the club, it will still be there if you want to go back in the future. I'm not sure about the club thing, I've never used one for running, but I did do swimming coaching sessions a while ago. Although I swam much further than I would have done on my own, I found having to swim at other peoples pace more tiring.

  • That is a really good idea. I think part of why I have enjoyed running has been the time out on my own. I think I have got a bit carried away reading about everyone's experiences at running groups and parkruns and thought I should really be getting to these too.

  • Sorry to hear you're not on toppest form. I don't think a running club would be for me, because I hate comparing myself with others. I'm really proud of what I've done with the C25K but I'm under no illusions that I would be able to keep up with others, having been overtaken a few times by other runners round the village.

    Maybe see how it goes next time at the club? What is the reason you haven't been out since graduating? Is it because you haven't got a new goal? I just decided to keep on running every other day or so for the 30 mins or so for at least a month before I even think about any new goals as such. As I'm not competitive (or particularly socially active) I don't fancy entering races or even park runs - I just want to maintain the fitness I've gained and maybe run a little further, a little faster if I can.

    What can we do to get you back into the mindset you exhibited all the way through the programme?

  • For my normal routine, I should have run on Sunday but (hangs head guiltily) I had a hangover! Then yesterday I didn't run because I knew I was going to the running group. I thought that having something like that would keep my momentum going, but I actually think that is has had the opposite effect. I know it was only the first one, but like you, maybe I would be better just sticking to my normal running week. I think it has actually put me off going to the parkrun as well now. I do think I like running on my own. Maybe I should give it a few more weeks building on what I have done and then maybe try the club/parkrun. Thanks xx

  • I have a friend who is a 'proper' runner - she competed in her youth, and now still runs and does some coaching at our local athletic club. She still runs on her own (though tends to do shorter faster intervals as that is her thing), but on weekends her husband accompanies her. She hates it because he does no exercise at all, but goes faster and harder than her on their weekend runs and it makes her feel inadequate! I guess we all have our low-esteem triggers, and don't like to be reminded that at some things we're just not as good as someone else, however hard we try.

  • I suppose that I should remember that before I started this, I had never done any running before and what I have achieved is amazing for me. I will give myself a good slap and get out there tomorrow :0)

  • A lot of us have felt lost after graduation, it sometimes takes us a while to work out what we want to do with our new ability. Also there is an element of a downer after the triumph of graduating. All these things pass and we end up find a natural rhythm that suits our personalities. Look after that shin and try not to feel so glum it will pass when you focus on the goal, whatever that may be and whenever it comes to you. Happy running.

  • Thank you x. I think that is why I had thought joining a group etc might help, but as I said, I think it has had the opposite affect. I think if I concentrate on running 3 times a week initially, that is probably best. I think a nice slow run tomorrow is what is needed :0)

  • I agree 110%. Don't think it's unusual at all to get that weird feeling of "why bother?" after having finally hit the goal.

  • Thanks Tomas x. I almost feel like that now, especially after running a 5k the other week, but I will pick myself back up and get out there x!!

  • I'm giving you a virtual bow for giving the running club a try. I've considered it but i'm a bit scared, actually i'm a bit scared of everything running wise at the minute, not sure why! I hope you get back out there and find your own run and settle back into it again, i'm sure enjoyment will come back when you are running just for yourself and not for Laura or the running club you have come so far.

  • Aw thank you xx. I did feel really nervous about going and nearly didn't go. I am petrified of going to parkrun!!

    I think having that goal at the end of the programme really seems to help some of us....I knew I needed to get out and run 3 times a week to achieve, so I did it. It has really helped talking to everyone on here about this. I am going to go for a run tomorrow and I will still go back to the group next week to see how I get. My legs ache today so it definitely worked me!! I hope you find something that gets your interest back in your running too xx

  • Thank you :)

    Isn't it odd that we fear a run we know we can do. Maybe in a few more weeks we will feel more confident to do a parkrun.

    Good luck on your run tomorrow.

  • Don't feel down on your self. The running club and their interval training and sprinting is all to build up fitness, especially good if you want to run a race. I felt totally In pain when I went for the first time but it's because you are working yourself harder. Keep at it, you will be ok. I'm off to running club tonight ;-) x x

  • Thanks B x. I do ache tonight so I know it definitely worked some muscles. I will go again next week, then there is a break for half term. Hope you enjoyed your club tonight :0) xx

  • Aw RK , its like you're in Eeyore's Gloomy Corner with a little rain cloud above your head :-)

    Chin up Missus, have a rest today and get yourself out tomorrow. Try maybe a different route , just to shake it up a bit.

    I prefer running on my own , its a bit of me time where all my stresses of the day just melt into a puddle and drain away.

    Hey Well done for going to the Running Club, that takes some guts does that, so stop being so hard on yourself okay ?

    Im just psyching myself up to get out , just having a cuppa and Im off !

    Hope you feel better tomorrow :-) xxx

  • Thank you Poppy xx. I have been feeling exactly like Eeyore today! It has been good to chat to everyone about this today and I am feeling better this evening. Have my 2 y.o grand-daughter too, and who can be miserable with a 2 y.o around :0). I will get back out there tomorrow and let you all know how I do. Hope you have had a good run this evening :0) xx

  • Ah you sound so much better, sounds like little grand daughter has worked her magic :-)

    Yep thanks had a decent run, nowt too shabby, just chilling out now, let us know how you go on tomorrow :-)

  • You know if you think back a few months how far could you run!?! Not at all would perhaps be your answer. You are a trying to run with other for the first time, also trying intervals for the first time, all new and strange, you did very well in my opinion. I hold my hands up and say I've tried running clubs twice, the second time was more successful than the first which was a total disaster, like you it was the stopping and starting that was not what I was used to. I had been drilled by C25K to run for 30+ minutes none stop and here I was stopping and starting every 5-7 minutes!!! I found after a second time that deep down I am happiest as a lone runner, call me unsociable if you like but I prefer to run my way and the way my mood at the moment takes me.

    Don't give up on your club, it sounds as if they were a nice bunch of people, until your next meet with them go out and do some of your favourite runs, some hills or if you liked the intervals do what I do and use lamp posts for distance sprints etc. Do what you like best and get back into happy running mode :)

    Let me know how you get on and remember what I said before about weight loss and intervals, the hard work of the fast running pays off long after you have stopped running. :)

  • Thank you - all very sound advice :0). I have been back out today and will keep going :0)

  • It's early days for you petal so don't be in too much of a hurry to push on. Take your time. Your running group will help you develop and get fitter so be sure to go back next week.

    I think there's nothing wrong with running on your own. I do it all the time. However, now we have dark nights, running with a group is a good plan.

    Chin up RK. You'll be fine

  • Thank you :0) - I have realised that I am pushing myself too hard! I am going to take my pace back down a bit and not make it so tough for myself x

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