Couch to 4.6k...I think! Tips on reaching that lovely 5k?

Hey everyone!

I've just come back from my first run of Week 9! Amazing how much progress we can make in 9 weeks huh? :D

I've never used a GPS tracker with the app before as the other runs weren't the final goal of the programme, but with this run being 30 minutes, I wanted to see how far I was actually going. I used the app "MapMyRun", and when I'd finished, was a little disappointed to see I'd done 4k. But I think the app messed up and took a while to pick up my location, as it's registered my start point 0.4 miles after where I started from according to the route it's mapped out for me. So I'm hoping it messed the distance travelled up too, and assuming it has, I've ran around 4.6k! :D

So any tips to help ensure I reach the 5k I've been promised? Though I felt I had a good workout and was sweaty, I'm glad I can say there was more to give, so I think I will try and up my speed in the last 5-10 minutes. I really want to reach 5k by Friday :D


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  • The title of the program is a little misleading. Not many of us actually achieve that magical 5k by the end of the program but you can certainly run non stop for 30 minutes. I guess the title couch to 30 minutes isn't quite as catchy as couch to 5k ;)

  • 18 months after I graduated , I still haven't got below 30 minutes for the 5K!! BUT I will soon!!! :)

  • How close are you Baz ? I've got to 30.14

  • I got to 30:34 - but that was back in April when I was training for a 10K using a Jack Daniels programme which had me doing lots of klm repeats at a fast pace - since then I have been doing much slower easy runs and it has slowed down my 5K times by a minute or two. I am now training for a HM where the emphasis is also on slow easy runs out 20 20K - so after I finish this I will go back to concentrating on the 5K.

  • Can you do it by Christmas ? Race you ?

  • OK - but the race doesn't start until November!! :) - after my HM :)

  • To reach 5 k you just have to keep on running after the 30 mins is up until you do the distance. I have never managed to do the 5k in 30 mins !! You're not far off though so it should be possible. Good luck and well done so far.

  • It took me a few months after graduating to get there... We are all different and there is no law that says we have to achieve the 5k in 30 minutes when we graduate.... Sounds like you are doing brilliantly !

  • Give yourself two goals. First one (now you've clocked your 30 minutes) is to carry on, and do 5 km, in however many more minutes that takes you. Try to leave yourself some spare capacity at the end to do that (which you probably just have, anyway, now you're so far into the programme). Next goal, keep chipping away at your 5 km time till you hit 30 minutes. (And then after that, if you have some running talent, maybe go for 25 or something. And if you're 18, and were always a latent athlete, and were just waiting for c25k to reveal this pleasant surprise, aim to be done in about 15 minutes. Etc.)

    Of course you can push to match up the 30 minutes and the 5km by the last run of Week 9, too. Why not? Give it stick. You've probably built yourself up enough to push a bit harder if you want. (Just be sensible, that's all. Is it really worth limping around with a messed up knee, just to make this self-created target? Probably not?)

  • Just percivere and keep pushing on and you will get there, you don't have to speed up, just take it steady..don't rush it, get the programme done first..

  • If you know, and I mean really KNOW, that you could have run a lot faster without any difficulty, then it's possible you could do 5k in 30 minutes now. BUT and it is a huge BUT, please do not push yourself too hard to make it, you may well cause yourself an injury that could set you back some way.

    Running for 30 minutes is the focus of the programme, then running 5k is the next target but they do not go hand-in-hand. Yes, some of the fitter, stronger among us do manage it but the vast majority do not. It should be a gradual build-up of strength, stamina and let's be honest, ability, that gets us there!

  • Thanks for all the tips guys :)

    I didn't realise it was so uncommon to get the 5k in 30 minutes, so if I don't, I won't beat myself up about it.

    That said, today proved I can run for 30 minutes, so I'm still gonna try and get the 5k done in the next 2 runs in 30 minutes. If I can't within that time frame, then I'll just carry on going anyway. But as a few of you said, I won't hurt myself to get to that point. Push myself, yes, but not injure myself.

    And I really did start this from doing no exercise apart from walking when I had to. What a great feeling :D

  • Hiya, I have just increased to 4.6k and i'm happy with that,

  • If you did 4.6 in 30 minutes, you only have to run another 2:40 ish to complete the 5k. That's a couple of minutes faster than I managed in april. My fastest 5k is now a shade over 29, so you should get under 30 minutes very quickly.

    looking forward to you posting you've graduated :)

  • W9R2: 4.84km in 30 minutes. So close!

  • equivalent to 5k in 31:00. knock off 12 seconds per km and you are there!

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