Santiago Color Run 2014 - feeling excited!!

I have just signed me and my partner up for this run - its the day before the run we missed out on. Ideally i would love to do both but this will be great too. Cant wait and very excited!! My partner is not that keen on doing it but he will come around to it. I needed to share with someone my excitement.

In other running news - today was hard, did 16mile bike ride yesterday, drunk far too much vino and did not eat enough so i stopped after 4.5km. So will mean a 7km on Thursday and then its race day on Sunday. Even though it was hard - any run is better than no run and i did being out in the sunshine. I hope my body and mind get in agreement for sunday.


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13 Replies

  • Ah, nothing like signing up for a run to get the enthusiasm flowing. Glad you've found an alternative, and a fun one at that. I'm sure your mind and body will be perfectly in sync on Sunday :)

  • Yes it will be fun - but have you seen the one posted by BoPeep9009 - just how amazing is this and all for charity. Will i be in Santiago or UK either way i hope to do it too. Just hope it doesn't close before we know our location. I just love running! Even though i have had tough runs i just love it so much!!

  • Have a lovely colourful run, I did one in the summer it really is just a run for fun, have still not decided what to do with the multi coloured T shirt - just have not washed it!

  • Yeah - what do you do with the t-shirt afterwards? It will be nice just to run and just 100% enjoy the atmosphere !! Plus another race i want to do ticked off

  • hehe, I did a shorter run on Sunday following over indulgence of the vino stuff on Saturday evening.. but to be honest, I was impressed I even managed to do 4k as the hangover got worse as the day went on! I'm not such a big drinker nowadays so it was a shocker! Won't be doing it again in a hurry.

    Anyways, hope you're back up to speed for Sunday - bet you will just love it! Another race ticked off :)


  • The day started so well - breakfast was on the go - thank you quaker for handing out those fruit and oat bars on the cycle route. Then we went for lunch - it was the a bottle of wine that did it. Even though i couldn't run very far i still enjoyed it - well i had new tunes and the sol was out too. So no vino this week just water.

  • You'll have a great time. Training for a Colour Me Happy run is what started me off on this running lark. I was only going to do 3km, ended up doing 6 - and I was only on week 6 of the C25K! I did wash the T-Shirt (It is now a delightful shade of grey) but my trainers were never the same colleagues and I raised over £500 for charity (we were a team of 5).

  • That is a fantastic amount raised for charity! Good to know about the t-shirt, i want to say i will keep it but i think i might just have to go in the bin afterwards, purely because we have to be very ridged about things we keep as its all got to be shipped back to the uk at some time. Well i have been looking at some new trainers for a while, the grip has gone and my running routes are all sandy so i am now starting to slip. My partner and his fancy trainers - what to do about those? he loves them so much

  • Well I don't know how you are supposed to clean trainers. It is only powdered paint so a good scrubbing might do it...but I think your suggestion of using nearly ex-trainers seems to be a sound option.

  • i could put them in the washing machine but i hear my partner now saying they will never be right. or maybe the paint will disappear over time.

  • I was wondering about a washing machine, but....I say use old trainers!

  • Definitely use old trainers ! The powder gets in all the seams and creases and it is IMPOSSIBLE to get out. Our t shirts washed back to sparkly white !!

  • Thank you - Ok - I will wash the t-shirts with plenty of vanish as it would be nice to have the t-shirt afterwards. Then i just don't know what to do about my partners trainers - he loves them so much and has plenty of wear left in them as we only just got them in April. Maybe he will need to invest in some cheaper ones for the run.

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