Hard run at "Tuesday Nighters"

Hi all! :)

I've tried to post this via OH's tablet but i get part way through try to alter something and wipe it! Its just too early maybe! so slightly shorter version!

only 10 days to my 10k in Bournemouth! eek ! so have upped training and last week did 7k/8k/5k, my most ks in a week i think! :)

Last night was my "Love Running Tuesday nighters" club, there were probably 60 ish there so good turn out! i go on my own, know a few people from Parkrun but not THAT many yet, its run by the fab Jo & Simon who own the "Love Running shop" My oh My it was a hard one! my 3rd run in the advanced group and we did 7.1k, there were hills! there was a bit of off road! It was lumpy! .. and i had to walk a bit(the lumpy off road bit! :( ) My calves were tight until i got past the 5k marker, seems to be that way lately! But i did make it round, getting a little lost as it was a complex route, around some roads i'd never been on before! 49 mins so not so bad after all and i worked out my walking bit was less than 2 mins so shouldn't be so hard on myself i guess! headed to lidl to get stuff for tea, wouldn't have ventured in there this time last year looking QUITE so sweaty in my running gear but whatever nowadays! :)

Good stuff of the day yesterday was a customer coming in who i hadn't seen me for a while saying "whats happened to you, you look really different!??" she said it in a complementary way so i pointed to my hair now dyed due to ALOT of grey hairs, but i think she also meant that i look slimmer! was going to tell her about the running but conversation cut short by other customers but she looked pleased for me and it cheered my day! :) I like that lady! :)

so all in all i'm happy but tired that i am beginning to see real benefits from running, my skin is better, and weirdly i can remember much better where i've left/seen things round the house(tho this may be TOTALLY unconnected, but does exercise improve the brain???!!!) my Skinny jeans are a bit snug round the calf area (SCC syndrome - thats for MILES_Yonder- Super Chunky Calves!! ) but i'm more toned all round i think -YAY!

I still run(like last night) thinking Why am i doing this? This is Hard! I'm tired and hungry! When will this run end? but afterwards i feel good but sweaty! But sometimes i actually LIKE it too!

Happy running everyone, better get breakfast now, lucky for me have a 10am start at work today :)


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15 Replies

  • Hi Ali

    I was stopped just as I began my run yesterday, by my neighbour, who was worried "that I was going off to nuthin" She much preferred me as I used to be!!!! I can't be bothered with these conversations, so put my earphones in and skipped off leaving her standing there catching flies

    Your club sounds just the thing Ali! PLus if it's well supported then you'll get a good mix of runners and it should be challenging but fun. You'll probably get bussed to races too which helps. I know it's ok to go on your own but getting there can be a bind. You get your own supporters club too!

    I know what you mean about Lidl! Ours is on my running route, or very close. I bought one of their cheapo cycling backbacks so I can grab just a few essentials and zoom off home. I'm not usually too pongy on that route.

    I think running is supposed to be good for the brain. Getting oxygen across it or summink. I'm not a brain surgeon so don't quote me

    10 days to Bournemouth!!!!! Oooooooh I'm really excited for you. Wish I was in it! I really like it down there. I once watched a race from Bournemouth pier to the one at Boscombe and wished I was in it. That was years ago when I didn't run, but I had the urge even back then

    So you'll mostly be tapering this week then? We got the lingo off pat now. Ha ha

  • I don't know much about tapering! Can you fill me in? ! Is it not going too mad before the race.? I'm sure ive read aboutit a little.....! You are much more pro than me! :) you're looking fab now so your neighbour obviously doesnt know much eh?! Just back from work in need of a cuppa !

    yes Bournemouth should be good , we get to tun up the pier! Yay! :)

  • That all sounds very satisfactory, Aliboo! 10k will be a piece of a cake for you!

  • Not sure about that but the nice flat route should help :) how you getting on ?

  • Good thanks. Did W8R2 this morning and still going strong. Love the music this week (even Julie) so it helps the time go fast! Looking forward to graduating, hopefully next week. My husb now away till 5 Oct, so I hope to be able to tell him how clever I am when he returns (hope I haven't jinxed it now!).

  • Course you'll make it! I remember that julie song well! Not long to go then! Keep us updated, you'll soon be celebrating ! :)

  • What a lovely compliment, sounds like you are really seeing results (I get the snug on the calf thing too with skinny jeans, can't have it all I guess!). All best wishes for your 10k, keep us updated. :-)

  • Thanks notbad ! Yes she took me by surprise! Who needs skinny calves anyway?! They're certainly alot stronger these days, even dog walking I power along much faster than before! :)

  • Hiya Ali! Lovely post! Your running group sounds like just the job and well attended. It's good to hear a compliment isn't it- love it that we get a bit more toned along the way! I'm all excited for you for the 10k I'm sure you will enjoy it- I need to get another booked in I think. X :-D

  • Think it will be good I hope, want to try and do 1 more 10k before the week is out ( have only done 1 so far in total!) My progress slow but steady ish! Hard work though isn't it!? :x quite a few in the group doing Great South Run, I might go to watch and try it next year in theory! :)

  • I only did two 10k's before my first race, so I know how you must be feeling. I was worried that the first two were flukes! I am sure you will be fine. Take it steady and enjoy! Great South Run sounds good too- next year you can nail that one! x :-D

  • Going to try it tomorrow eve I think ! :) will feel more confident if I've done it twice ! Yhink I will enjoy having a look at a nig rsce at GSR!

  • Ps that means big race! Not very with it tonight!

  • Hi Ali

    Just looking at my 10 k plan which I have got for my race in December. On the week of the race there are just 2x 5 km runs. The first a run at race pace and the second a slow jog. In the week prior to race week there is a 10 k fast run at the start of the week, followed by two days rest, a 5 k jog and another 10 k fast at the end of the week.

    Hope that helps

    Not much of a taper though.

  • Trying a 10k tonight tho it won't be fast ! Got parkrun on sat then vould do the shorter run on tues? Thanks for the advice miss wobble, you're a star ! :)

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