Shivering after a run

So, yesterday after my long run I was so so tired, I plopped on the sofa then couldn't get up, finally cooled down but then got very cold,shivery cold , went for a shower and felt warmer but not really warm all day. Today I woke up with a head cold / chill and I am thinking not showering immediately and getting warm did it, would that be right ? Feeling pretty crap and slept a lot of today. Remember I have never run this far before, inexplicably managed an extra 3k, so never really suffered the chills / shivers , answers on a post card please


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  • I don't know wether this helps but when I go the extra mile so to speak I get the shivers afterwards. The good news is the more you get used to your new distance the less it happens with me. It is something I have had to get used to as I pushed myself a bit. I try only to do it once a week and then keep at that pace or distance until it feels really comfortable. It could be your coming down with something but I hope not. Happy running.

  • thanks RF, so you dont think not showering immediately to keep warm could start a chill ?

  • I have overdone it and shivered regardless of if I've jumped into a hot shower straight away or had to wait. I really do try not too push myself that far as Bazza says it ruins the immune system down.

  • GrannyJudes

    Time for you to have a few days rest, I think. I do believe that changes in body temperature can make you feel unwell - shivering is just the body's attempt to warm up. But more to the point, it is well known that extreme exertion weakens the body's immune system and hence it's ability to fight off illness. hence the need for rest to allow the immune system to recover. You have been doing well - but don't overdo it ( like I think I did last week)

  • good advice Bazza, in all reality, my 10 k killed me, yes it thrilled me, no doubt about it, but it was tough, I got running club tomorrow night, I will make sure its an easy run, no pressure

  • I quite often get chilly after a run, and I always jump straight in the shower afterward. I think it's just your body adjusting from cooling (when you run) and being a bit slow to catch on that you've stopped now?

  • Hi GJ, Cornish super runner, congrats on the 10k. The getting cold after a run is apparently quite common and I have read about it here before now and there is stuff on the net about it. I think the concensus is that a good warm shower helps you regulate your temperature.

  • I think that 10k finished me off !!

  • I didnt plan on running 10k KK I wanted to try the 7k I had already done, knowing I could cut off at any point and reduce the km. Well I managed that, ( walked the hill, but managed to run a bit more of it then last time ) then I knew I could extend the 7k for a km if I felt like it, which I did, at that point I realised another 2k just meant running up our road and back and I felt I had that in me, well once the idea took hold it had to be done, I walked the hill home thats my usual cooling down part, then took off and got to 10k. I passed a man walking, grinning like a fool I said you have just been lucky enough to witness my 1st ever 10k !! Felt amazing ! Think its punished this poor old body then, I need rest !!

  • AND there is still another 2 weeks before 27 October!!! :) I'm intending to get a couple more in by then - care to join me - they will be SLOOOW!! ( I'm going to wear my heart rate monitor to keep it slow.)

  • slow will suit me Baz, should be running with the club tonight, but weather is bad and I still feel rough so prob leave it until Wed

  • I know that feeling of not warming up all day, I get it sometimes after swimming outdoors, albeit in a heated pool. In fact I thought my thermostat was broken following the menopause, but I think it was all down to the swimming, I don't feel the cold at all now I run. I find a hot bath to be much better than a shower for warming up. I agree that getting cold can lead to a chill, but surely a head cold is a virus and would have been incubating for more than a week? In any case, listen to your body and take it esy for a few days.

  • Yes - ahead cold is a virus and my understanding is that we actually carry this virus around with us all the time and it emerges at times when our immune system is weak or under stress. It also can be caught from someone else too, of course - but generally the immune system weakness still plays a part.

  • i agree with Bazza that it could well be the immune system kicking in hopefully it is just a one off. I often try and push myself and have returned home from a run soaked with sweat then collapsed in the garden under a hot blazing sun and started to shiver. I've also had workouts in the gym then used the sauna and steam room afterwards and believe it or not ..............have shivered while i'm in there. It never makes me ill though as my body is used to it. i actually enjoy the sensation though as my body and skin feel cleansed.

  • I'm with Bazza on this one. I think we oldies are much more susceptible to overtraining and consequent immune system problems than the spring chickens are. I am absolutely sure (not that my certainty equals scientific proof ;) ) that running three 10Ks in two months followed immediately by a long haul flight played a major part in my recent health problems (hospitalised with flu, face covered with most becoming cold sores, and a very, very long haul back to full health) I would definitely take it easy. You will do far less harm by giving yourself a week off running than you will by trying to prove you're tough (here speaks the voice of experience!) Good luck. And very well done on the 10K :-)

  • just messaged the running group, giving it a miss tonight, just not up to it, and been listening to all the advice from you lovely peeps x

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