strange freezing and shivering after every run


I've just done w3 run3 and I'm quite enjoying this running lark. Haven't made excuses or put off any run and pretty much ran every other day since i started this. I do it at my own pace....slow! I feel good, the odd achy bit here and there sometimes but not painful and I feel fitter and more awake already! I don't sweat buckets but i do go red my skin feels hot and my heart rate increases and I have an after run glow, all normal! But....i have this very odd thing happen after every run when I just cannot get warm. I eat my tea and then spend around 2 hours shivering to the core. I layer up, get under a wool blanket and have heating or wood burner on and still feel frozen. My skin is warm to touch and my feet feel warm but I feel frozen on the the core and I physically shiver with the odd teeth chatter. It happens every evening i run and it is the only negative thing. I can live with it no problem but i just wondered if anyone else experiences the same.


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8 Replies

  • If you Google this, or in fact a search on this forum, you will find that it is not uncommon, although the exact cause is uncertain. Low blood sugar comes up as a likely cause.

  • ah okay thanks. Could explain it as I'm insulin resistant (due to PCOS) so my blood sugars and hormones are all over the place.

  • Well done Mitch! You are doing really well

  • It's funny how themes emerge on this forum. we were talking about this yesterday- see LegalLorna 's post 'HELP'

  • Gosh.. I am not sure.. maybe this may help ?

  • thanks for the tips guys!

  • Well done you on doing this a third of the way through, especially with the freezing core issues. Great grit.

  • I would guess it was low blood sugar. I have Type 2 diabetes and was on a very strict diet for a few weeks last year - 699 cals per day but still exercising. But one run on a very hot day I came home and whilst under the hot shower I was shivering, I checked and my blood sugar levels were very low and also my blood pressure had plummetted.

    Might be worth doing a blood sugar test.

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