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Week 8 all done. Just week 9 to go!!

I'm sorry I haven't been on here at all the last couple of weeks. Work has been manic and stressful :( However, I've kept up with my C25k runs and podcasts and truly can't believe I'm staring down the barrel of week 9 on Sunday.

Where have the last 8 weeks gone?! I'm certainly not the quickest runner out there; some of the other folks I see out whilst I'm running are fairly whizzing by. But I keep going and haven't missed a beat yet. thanks in no small measure to the lovely Laura.

What am I going to do when it's finished? No Laura to keep me company.....

Anyhow, got to get week 9 completed so I can graduate and earn my badge.

Good luck to everyone out there doing their C25ks right now, it doesn't matter where you are you're having a go! :)

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Good luck with week 9. I think I am going to carry on with the week 9 podcast for a bit, can't lose Laura just yet and up my running time gradually. The speed will come at some point. Can't wait to see your graduation post :0)


Yeah. Week 9. Good for you! I thought the same..., what will I do without Laura. I switched to music and run keeper and often now just run keeper and no music which is awesome.

Good luck for when you graduate and your first free run!


Just completed the last run of week 9 this morning. Good luck you're almost there! Amazed at the progress I've made considering I had to repeat week 1 twice as my running was such a shambles :-)


Well done you - don't forget to get your graduation badge!


I started off with Laura Wk 9, but now I just take a watch and some tunes on the ipod. Occasionally my phone with Mapmyrun on just to see if I'm actually covering ANY more distance! (I'm a bit slow, but hoping to speed up a bit with time).

Well done - nearly there - the crowds are gathering at the finish line ...


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