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Week 8 Done - Nearly there!!

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Well, that's week 8 done. Found it tough at times but still enjoyable. And I haven't walked once on the entire programme (although I think about it lots!). I've been prepared to repeat weeks as necessary but am pleased with myself that I haven't had to do that. I'm even running up hills now!!

Week 9 takes me to Hornby Castle in........Yorkshire. Dangerous territory. But I will have my identification papers on me, and I've asked that famous Yorkshire 10K runner Poppypug to put a good word in for me :-D

427 calories burned this morning. Should cover a small slice..........

10 Replies
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Well done! Enjoy Yorkshire and enjoy that cake :-D I started Week 9 yesterday and really, really enjoyed the run. Hope it's the same for you, especially with gorgeous surroundings (which I don't have!)

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Sazzle44Graduate in reply to helenprev

Thank you! Oh yes I hope so too - Week 8 has been tough but I think I've been tired, and I've actually really enjoyed the last few minutes of each run which bodes well. It's lovely running in beautiful places each week - just hope I can find a route that's not too hilly!

I won't really get a slice of my cake. I just dream about it. And my customers aren't too pleased if they arrive with a chunk missing :-D

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Yay ! Well done Sazzle, Week 8 well and truly kicked to the kerb , Brilliant !

You will be welcomed in Gods Own County with open arms , no problem ! Just mention my name at Border Control , slip 'em a coupla cupcakes and you will be fine ha ha :-)

Oh , Graduation Week next week . How exciting is that ??

You are doing so ,so well . Good lass ! :-) xxx

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Sazzle44Graduate in reply to poppypug

Ha ha I hadn't thought of bribing them with cake!

Thanks pp - I'm looking forward to graduating and beyond now.

Hopes you're well :-) xxx

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To Graduation and beyond ........ :-) Ha ha

Yorkshire Parkin goes down a treat with Yorkshire Tea- Flippin' gorgeous ! :-)

I am very well thankyou xxx I have just started a new 10k plan for my Leeds 10k so I am very excited about that :-)

Have a good day Sazz xxx

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Sazzle44Graduate in reply to poppypug

Yorkshire Parkin PP???? Surely not :-D

Excellent about the Leeds 10K - I'm home for a rare weekend next week.....might just risk a Park Run!!

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poppypugGraduate in reply to Sazzle44

Oh yes that would be great, just to finish off your Graduation Week ! :-) xxx

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Well done Sazzle. Nearly there now.

I have a lot of work to do this afternoon but I am tempted just to sit and stare at that cake!

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Sazzle44Graduate in reply to Dunder2004

Thank you :-)

It's torture in my kitchen Dunder. I'm making a Mars Bar cake. I don't know if I can resist this one :-(

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Dunder2004Graduate in reply to Sazzle44

He he.

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