W9 R1 - couldn't wait for my treat

Well the original intention was to have 2 days off and run on Saturday. A treat at the weekend. But I caught up with the posts on here at lunchtime which made my feet itch and twitch to go running, I was feeling good and thought to myself "if I can get away reasonably early today, I can still get home in daylight and do a longish run through the woods. I might even get a 5k in". And immediately like a kid with a present I wanted it now and couldn't wait till Saturday. So that's what this naughty girl did. The intention was to do a long, slow, fun run, but I haven't been able to catch the magic of my slowest run again - yet. It turned into a normal, medium speed run, which went a tad longer than the 30 minutes that we're meant to do on W9 and ended up being a 5.1 k. When I say a tad please do not take me literally - I'm a long way off 5k in 30 mins!

It was lovely in the pale sunshine. Very cold, the remains of the snow from yesterday still on the ground. An older lady smiled at me as she came out of her garden gate, it was a really warm, friendly smile (with no pity in it!) and I beamed back. Dog walkers were out, but the dogs weren't bothered with me. I ran into the sunset on the way back, it's more fun than running in the dark (although I do love running in the morning).

I think I'll be stiff tomorrow, despite stretching. But I needed that to shake off my work thoughts and get into weekend mood. What a treat!

And I might even run again on Sunday. Two treats in one weekend!


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  • That sounds wonderful...

    I ran this morning and my next run is on Sunday but, when the weather is fine.. you simply want to get out there... it is quite hard to resist the call of the outdoors.:)

    I keep thinking, maybe I could do a small run tomorrow.. :)

    Sounds like you are running really well and really enjoying it too.

    The woods you run through and the sunset sound delightful.. and a change from watery sunrises...:)

    Enjoy your weekend and your Sunday run too :)

    Well done..nearly there!

  • When I say woods I mean one very small copse and a strip of trees squeezed in between playing fields and a very quiet road. In the summer it gives you the illusion of woods, but you can see the houses through the trees in winter. Still only run there in daylight. I run on the quiet road when it's dark. Plenty of fields round about though and some proper woods a bit further afield for when I'm a proper runner!

  • You ARE a proper runner! Laura tells us that!

    It still sounds lovely... even the smallest strips of woodland and green lift the spirits.. and give us something to look forward to in the coming months.:)

  • Chuckle, chuckle - knew you'd say that (or someone would) about the proper runner๐Ÿ˜ˆ You're right, of course, but until it becomes easier and absolutely routine it won't feel real. As if I'm playing at it and could stop any time (lots of graduates do).

  • Well done JayseeSkinny,

    it made me laugh that you 'snuck'out for a run this evening as you couldn't wait til Saturday to start week 9... :)

    Don't worry about thinking you won't have an incentive to carry on running once you have graduated... there is c25k + and stepping stones etc with Laura. Get comfy doing your 30 mins first, then back with Laura. Lol xx

    You sound addicted to running anyway!

    Good luck on Sunday. :)

  • Fabulous! Get you JaySee, so pleased you got out for a sneaky, early, lovely run - sounds gorgeous!

    Wow, just 2 more runs for you til graduation, then the worlds your oyster, I can't wait to hear what you do next... You won't just vanish after grad will you? We all need everyone to keep on here, telling us about post grad runs and plans to keep us all going and motivated! :)

    You definitely are a proper runner, you ran over 30 mins, you did 5.1k, you're calling runs a treat, there's no more evidence you need my friend, you really, really are one... And you're becoming a better one each time you get out there.

    Very, very well done for today... Showing us all how its done. Love it! :)

  • Don't worry, I'm sticking around. I need this forum! And all the great people on it๐Ÿ’ Without RunningScared and PumpKim it wouldn't be half so much fun๐ŸŽ

  • I hope PumpKims back is better and she gets out tonight. Will check back online later, fingers crossed! Glad you're sticking around x

  • Here I am!

    JaySee I think you are being too modest about your running ability!

    Running for longer than 30 minutes without breaking a sweat by the sounds of it. I see a marathon in your future ๐Ÿƒ

    My back is more or less better. Got out for my run tonight and it didn't hurt at all. Changed my route tonight. I ran on the main road from my house until Laura said half way then doubled back. Slight uphill climb on the way out that I hadn't thought about but it was manageable. I liked knowing how far I had to go because I knew I was heading home, it stopped the uncertainty of how long I'd been running. What I didn't like on this new route were uneven pavements, smokers at bus stops and having to pass a delicious smelling Indian restaurant full of Friday night diners!

  • Sorry to put you right, but I definitely broke a sweat! And I'm only going to be doing the 30 mins on the next one. Today's run was just a little test.

    And marathon I think not! Now 10k that's a different story - if I can spend all day doing it!

  • Oh and well done on your run. Sounds like a good one.

    No luck on the treadmill yet?

    And excellent that you're back's getting better.

  • Got my eye on one on eBay ending tomorrow :)

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