Yeah, 5k done but left feeling deflated!!!

Yeah, 5k done but left feeling deflated!!!

So, I ran last night until I got to 5k which I'm pleased about as now I know that I can at least run 5k. However, I'm massively over the 30 minutes expected. I know that the time isn't an issue and we are all different and we all know at different speeds, have longer/shorter length legs, etc., but I didn't think I would be 11 minutes slower than anticipated!! I started off on a speed of 7 and then gradually increased to 8.2. Should I be happy with this or should I be giving myself a proper roasting and trying harder?


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  • your right time is not important, as long as you are happy thats all that matters !! Why not try a run outside its so much better.

  • Woo hoo, 5k ... damn right you should be happy :D

  • 5K! That's a result. Tell everyone about it be proud, be happy!

  • It's only a number! Do what feels ok, and keep doing it and you will get faster and fitter (well that's what I'm hoping will happen to me, anyway)! I currently run 3.9k in 30 mins. I'm happy with that :)

  • Assuming that your speed is 7kph increasing to 8.2kph if you want to target less than 30 mins for 5 k you will have to speed up. I run on the treadmill using mph and to get sub 30 mins for 3.1 miles had to run nearer 7mph to allow for 5 mins warm up. 7mph = 11.3kph. If you did the warm up first then restarted the treadmill to do your 5k you would need to run quicker than 10kph.

    All of this is possible. To increase your speed you will need to do intervals where you run as fast as you can for say 1 minute then drop back to a normal pace for a couple of minutes and repeat 5 or 6 times. There is a speed podcast on the C25k website and a stamina one which you will also need.

    I have recently found that stride length is less important for speed than your steps per minute so I have been shortening my stride to try to get my spm up. Then when you go for a run you find your SPM has increased and you end up running faster. The speed podcast is designed to get you running so many steps per minute by using music with a certain beat. It then raises the tempo of the music and lowers it back down to do your intervals

    Hope this helps and don't be down as a newbie (like me) you need to learn your capabilities.

    TS Elliott - Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far they can go.

  • We're singing from the same hymn sheet aren't we Useit? I too can do about 3.8 in 30 mins, but indeed it is only a number, and we're running aren't we?

    You should be proud, not deflated Lorraine, who else do you know who can run that far?

  • Who is expecting you to run 5k in 30 mins ? C25K, whilst seeming a HUGE thing to do, does only make you a 'baby runner' in the big scheme of things. You have got all the time in the world to set yourself 'hard' targets, but for the moment be THRILLED that you have achieved the 5K. I graduated a few months ago and I am am SO pleased with myself every time I run 5K. I take longer than 30 mins but the time is coming down, maybe I will be able to do it next year, maybe never. I am trying to get my distance up to 7.5k (not managed 6 yet) It's all something to aim for. Try giving yourself smaller targets now you know you can do the distance. Don't push too hard otherwise you will end up injured. SLOW AND STEADY !! and you will be able to achieve whatever you want running wise. You're doing great...

  • Be happy! And then think about if you want to set yourself a challenge to go faster. Some people want to, some don't. Don't push yourself too hard too soon or you'll risk an injury and won't be running at all.

    Good luck.

  • As everyone says don't get too hung up on running 5k in 30 mins at this stage. I am wondering about those figures though. Are you sure that time doesn't include your warm up walk? 5k in that time would be a pace of 8.16 mins per k. I had a look at the pace calculator on the runningforfitness .org website.

  • 5K is a great achievement and it will get faster if you want it to, honest! But ... don't rush to get quick if that makes sense. That is the direct route to the injury couch and how gutted would you be if, after all this effort, you scored an own goal.

    Just stretch yourself a little bit at a time, but without getting despondent cos then it would be no fun at all.

    The speed podcast is great and, when you feel ready, if you fit in a 5m walk before switching Laura on but use her 5m brisk walk to do a slow jog, follow the speed podcast then jog the last 5 mins of Laura's cooldown walk you might be pleasantly surprised at the result (you will, obviously, have to do a 5 min walk after Laura has gone home). But try it first without any extra jogging to see how you get on.

  • Lorraine, you are a runner and you can run 5km. That is b****y amazing. Think about where you came from and your early running days with C25K.

    Now then, you said "massively over the 30 minutes expected" but we agreed a couple of days ago that you could take 38 minutes at your current pace. 38 or 41, meh! Not enough difference to really make a difference.

    If you ran the full 5km at your top speed of 8.2 km/hr, that's a pace of 7.3 minutes per km and 5km in 36 minutes.

    See if the machine can be set to intervals, you you running at +/- 10% over your top speed for 1 minutes intervals. That will develop your speed and result in a quicker time.

  • Thanks guys, i'll just stick to it. My initial excitement kinda turned sour but i'll get there - just keep on plodding. I've just reminded myself that the fact I am doing this at all is for a healthier future and to look after myself, whereas before I discovered C25K I did zilch!! You're right MarkyD, FrockyHorror, Nerdio, Curlygurly, and everybody else who has subtly reminded me that I am actually running now and I'm not in a race!! I'll just set myself smaller goals! Thanks again x

  • Good luck Lorraine

  • Don't get too hung up on 30 minutes. The main thing to do now is develop a strong habit of running 3 times a week. Do that and your time will come down quickly. Good luck!

  • fitness is all bout ho long you can sustain effort for, not how much distance you cover in that time. If you can run for 40 minutes you are doing better than if you could do 5k in 30 and not run any further.

  • Well, if it makes you feel any better, a year on from graduation and regular runs of about 5k 2-3 times a week and I have still never managed to do it in 30 mins!

    Am I bothered - actually no! Be glad you have achieved the 5k now - you will get to be quicker.

  • finishing 5k is a massive achievement!! I run even slower. I can now run for 43 mins and I am still not at 5k. I too started to feel downhearted..... but on the other hand WOW.... I can run for 43 mins!! 3 months ago I couldn't run for a minute!! 5k in 41 mins is awesome!!!

  • Aaawww, bless you. I know what you mean though, I've given myself a stern talking to in the corner and am just gunna carry on running, hopefully increasing my speed slightly - as you've pointed out, a few months ago I couldn't even run for 60 seconds without completely being out of puff with a huge stitch. Well done to you though, running for 43 minutes is no mean feat - could you ever imagine saying that - I couldn't! Thanks again :-) x

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