Flushed but feeling good - W5R3 done!

I just completed W5R3!!

I can't believe that I just jogged for twenty minutes without stopping! I've been reading these posts for weeks now trying to build myself up to facing this one, to trust the plan and your body will know what to do, but there's always that level of self doubt that thinks "maybe it's worked better for other people than me and I might not be able to do it" but I actually did it!!

This one was a bit different as well. I usually do my runs where I know people won't generally be about because I still get a bit self conscious, but I decided to try somewhere different, mostly because it's mostly flat and thought I should give myself any chance going! At first I felt a bit awkward passing the people that looked like they'd been doing this all of their lives - but then I turned my music up and got on with it and before I knew it I was half way through and still (sort of) going strong.

I'll not say it was easy, because of course it wasn't, but I'm so happy that I've reached what feels like such an amazing milestone in this journey.


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  • Excellent! Well done!! It's a special one isn't it? :D

  • It really is! It seems like such a huge step from the previous ones, and I completely surprised myself that I was able to keep going! :)

  • Congrats! I was super emotional when I completed this one. And well done for not worrying about those other people. I like the quote "those that matter don't mind, and those that mind don't matter" and try to remember it when I'm running (easier said than done...).

  • Same! It was pretty overwhelming when the twenty minutes was over! I will definitely try and remember that :)

  • Well done on hitting a major milestone. All your hard work is paying off.

  • Thank you! I feel like I'm sort of getting there now :)

  • Congrats, that's awesome!! I'm on week 4 and pretty nervous for week 5 so seeing people accomplish it is super motivating!! Keep up the good work :D

  • I was the same! I loved reading the posts of people that have done it before and it does give you some reassurance that it is possible! Good luck for next week as well! I can't wait to read your post saying that you've smashed it too :)

  • Well done! Once I'd completed week 5 I could see it was all possible and became an addict! πŸƒπŸΌβ€β™€οΈπŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜Š

  • Yeah, I think I could really get used to that amazing feeling at the end! :)

  • Well done!! Big achievement that run!!!

  • Thank you! Yeah, it really feels like such an accomplishment :)

  • Isn't it just the best feeling?! I love reading people's W5R3 posts - no-one ever believes they will be able to make such a perceived jump up, yet the program really does work. This is where self belief starts; now you know you can do anything! (Just watch out for W6R1 - after the euphoria, this one often catches people out.)

    Well done! Bask in your achievement, you have earned it. :)

  • It really is! That's the thing, looking at it, it just looks like such a big step up, but it really is possible :) I've read that, I'm heading out to do that tonight, so will definitely take it slow and try not catch myself out.

    Thank you so much :)

  • Agreed. It came as a bit of a shock. Today I did w6r2 and although it wiped me out completely, didn't feel as challenging as run 1.

  • It's brilliant, isn't it!?

    I think your post could have been written by almost any graduate on here. I kept looking ahead and thinking '20 minutes' are they mad?

    And when I set out to do it I had my doubts, but just forced myself to go really slowly.

    I still vividly remember the euphoria (and astonishment) of that run.

  • It really is!

    Yeah, it's so encouraging to know that everyone is going through the same thing, and that everybody has the same doubts (I don't mean that to sound bad!) but that the program seems to work for anyone! I found myself looking a lot at other people's posts saying that they'd completed the run and it definitely gave me confidence that I could do it too.

    The feeling afterward was amazing - I don't think I'v came down off the high just yet!

  • Yes, I think we all end up feeling elated after that one and thinking, "Me! Who'd have thought it?" Well done. And, halnagar , we'll rejoice with you next week! You can do it. :)

  • You're so kind, thank you! I'm feeling excited for that big run now that I've seen everyone had the same apprehension and made it through :)

  • That's exactly it, the self doubt is there, saying that other people must be getting on better because there's no way I'd be ready for twenty minutes non stop! But I did it!

    Thank you so much :)

  • We're neck and neck. Your description sounds just like me last week. Still can't believe I managed 20 minutes! I really believe I can do this now.

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