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W6R1 + Glastonbury Ticket - Done!!

Got to say that I'm slightly more elated at getting a Glasto ticket than completing my run... but overall happy on both counts :-)

Had planned to do my run tomorrow eve but as the weather is scheduled to be pants, thought I would do it today... really didn't appear too bad after the W5R3 on Friday.

Please someone tell me that Laura's background music improves over the coming weeks :-)

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Wow you are keen Andy :D well done ... hmm have a feeling the music doesn't get any better .


Well I know I said I was going to run Mon/Wed/Fri but I think the weather is going to be pretty bad tomorrow and I other stuff planned on Tues... so thought better to today.


I am planning for R1 on Tuesday ,fingers crossed weather isn't to bad


Hah. No. It doesn't. I abandoned Laura and her execrable music taste after W1R2 and found a website that had the same thing with downloads of the Beastie Boys, Aerosmith and some nu-metal and emo stuff. I steered clear of the last of these and struggled along with the Toxic twins and the Beasties.


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