W6R1 done at last

So pleased managed to get W6R1 done, I was geared up for Laura's choice of musics and put it at the back of my mine and concentrate on her voice which I do not mind at all.

Surprisingly the first 5 minutes run went so fast next minute I knew Laura said stop, I didn't feel I did any run, 8 minutes was ok-ish but a little tiredness start to appear I just ignore it and keep going then got myself ready for the last 5 minutes run before I knew it W6R1 was over. I pray it's like that with the others.

Now I shall get my mind, body and soul ready for W6R2.


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  • Well done - the return to intervals can be tricky but you persevered! Onwards!

  • Great! You'll go all the way! So positive!

  • Sounds like you are doing really well

    On wards and upwards! One more run and intervals will be over. Keep going.

  • Well done, being positive can only be a good thing. Good luck with the rest of week 2.☺

  • Should have said good luck with the rest of week 6.☺

  • Well done for mastering that one; that's a tricky one

    Onwards and upwards X

  • Thanks everybody all your encouragements are valuable and inspire me to keep going forward with each run.

    It is much appreciated.


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