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W8 in the bag!

W8 completed this morning in lovely autumn sunshine with a slight breeze which kept me cool enough, had a bit of a hamstring twinge this week so I gave myself three days of rest between R2 and today. I'm going to treat myself to a proper water bottle tomorrow as a reward for getting this far. What can I say, I'm fitter -don't get so out of breath, trimmer- 7cm off my waist and I still can't believe that it is really me out there running. What's not to love about C25K :D

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Hey well done you! :)

Getting this far is great news and it sounds like it's doing you lots of good.

Best of luck with week 9, and watch that hamstring - I crocked mine on W9R1 last Monday and haven't been able to run since!

Take it easy, only 3 more till shiny badge time :D


Very sensible to take the extra rest. Nearly there now ... just keep doing what you're doing. I wish I'd taken measurements at the beginning - I took some this week and will do it again in 6 months. Also got my son to take photos of me in my underwear - not a pretty sight - just to check the muffin top and cellulite in 6 months as well!


Great stuff! Just 3 runs left now and we have done it. There was a nice breeze when I ran yesterday and it definitely helps. I bought myself a long sleeved running top a couple of weeks ago but still haven't worn it yet!


Brilliant start to the day. Trimmer too fantastic. Well done


Well done. I finished week 8 too this morning and am having 2 days off and will start week 9 on Monday. See you on the finish line x


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