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Week 5 run 3 in the bag!

I'm not sure if it's me or the site but my last blog (yesterday) didn't make it.

Anyway here I am giving it another go.

I attempted run 3 Wk 5 yesterday and right near the end my MP3 died!!!

I kept calm, checked my watch and ran the final 5mins in silence. It fielt a bit weird and I felt cheated out of the 5 min cool down music ( there would be one of them laughy faces here if I had them on my laptop) and the Laurapraise.

I then managed to convince myself that I had got it wrong and couldn't possibly have run for all that time, so I did it again today to make sure... and HURRAY I did it!

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yes I've been noticing loads of delays in posts appearing then disappearing again...

... although never mind that - well done on the biggie - I have that one coming up next week myself and already getting mixed feelings...


Good Luck with your biggie. If I can do it anuone can so just believe...It feels great!


Well done! It is quite a milestone in the plan and you did it twice! Good work!


Well done! I've just got there too. I shall loook out for your postings.


Cheers. I've already noticed yours.


:-) Congratulations!!! :-) You aced the dreaded 20!!! :-) Gayle


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