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New socks and a new week

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First run of week 8 was today. I had planned for it to be a morning run but we were on babysitting duties this weekend so I didn't get out until 5ish. I do think I run better later on in the day. Anyway a good run today, pace has got a little faster again but it felt good. I wore my new toe socks today and they are so comfy. Made sure I got the left and right on the correct feet! Oh and I met Julie lol!! I think I need to sort out some of my own music!

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Well done you :)

I really enjoyed week 8 (Julie aside!) and I hope you do too. Sounds like you had a really good run to start with, and hooray for your groovy socks!

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Well done RK, just 5 more to go and your there ;-) yipppeee

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I like Julie, but she does seem to be the one that sticks in people's mind and polarises them. The rest of the music just sort of washed over me, it wasn't until I went back to stepping stones about a year after graduating that I realised how awful some of the caterwauling was.

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runningknitterGraduate in reply to Beads

I thought when everyone was talking about Julie, that it was going to be someone like Laura, spurring us on. When the track started I just burst out laughing. I will stick with the podcasts until I graduate then I will build my own running soundtrack :0)

I haven't met Julie as I've always used my own playlist, sounds like I haven't missed much. I 've always ran better on an evening, don't think my body likes to take all morning to wake up ;)

Good luck for the rest of week 8!

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runningknitterGraduate in reply to BluebellRunner

I was reading about this subject last night, and our bodies prefer to run later as our core temperature is higher and our lungs are working more efficiently. I need to try running earlier because of park runs etc being in the morning.

Well done, nearly there! I really couldn't stand Julie - I often listen to the podcasts again but not the ones where she is! I didn't like week 2 either, any of it!

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Sometimes I think I am not really listening to the music but just the rhythm of it. The main track I remember is the I am stronger than that., all you haters see you later!! I am wondering what week 9 will be like, lots of trumpets and fanfares I hope lol!!

Glad the socks were comfy :)

If I listened to pretty much any of the podcast music out of context, I would probably have turned my nose up, but when running it all just seemed to work for me, and there was nothing I absolutely hated. It's made me realise the music I normally listen to around the house is absolutely useless for running to - I made a playlist of my more upbeat stuff and it was a yawnfest as far as running is concerned. I have invested in some cheap running/exercise music from Sainsbo to take me forward.

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runningknitterGraduate in reply to useitorloseit

It serves it purpose doesn't it. DH has a few CDs of running music on the PC, so I will put some of that on my iPhone. We went out last night and a Pointer Sisters song was on the radio and I was bouncing along to that thinking it would make a good running song.

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