Week 4 ... Tick :-)

Happy to have completed my last week 4 run this morning, I think I have found a pace that works for me. I know that things start to get a lot thougher now and I still have a long way to go, but still find it hard to believe how I struggled through week 1. Also good to do a run on a Sat morning as I now have the whole weekend to veg!! Who would of thought I would ever get up early to go for a run at the weekend ...addict alert!!!

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  • Wel ldone Andy , glad you have found a pace that works for you :D haha you and me both Andy :)

  • It's bizarre isn't it, how we change mentally due to this running lark? Normally on a Friday night I would have drunk a bottle of wine, but even though today isn't a run day (stepper and rowing machine on my 'rest days'), I still only had a tonic water with a splash of aperol in just to feel a bit more grown up - negligible booze content. I feel so much more comfortable running when I don't drink any alcohol, so not only am I getting up earlier and getting fitter (though not lighter yet), my liver is dancing with joy at the lack of abuse!

  • Big respect for the activities you do on your rest days.. I don't exactly veg... but do a few miles walking with the dog. I very rarely drink anyway, but can't see that the odd glass would do too much harm... perhaps its more a mental thing???

    I have also started putting my runs in the diary (generally early eve) and then the rest of my life has to fit around these... so far this has worked OK.

    I have started to think whether I will just run Mon, Wed & Fri and then have the weekend "off" ... not sure if this may help when things get a bit tougher with week 5 onwards? I did have a tough week 3 run on a Sunday eve recently after a bust weekend. Any advice welcomed. :-)

  • I think that is a really good idea. If you feel supermotivated, go every other day, but I think M, W, F is a great plan, and fairly easy to stick to. It also gives your joints a couple of days off per week to get over the overexcitement!

  • As I just done my run, my next one (W5R1) will be on Monday... so if all goes to plan my scary W5R3 will be on Friday... think I will need to weekend to get over that one!!

  • I am sticking to my Tuesday.Thursday and Saturday routine for now gives me 2 days before a new Week starts ,that means 2 runs after work in the evening Hmmmm but R3 Saturday Morning :)

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