New Shoes - Part 3

New Shoes - Part 3

After my recent leg problems following the purchase of some new Asics GT-2000 I switched back to my old shoes for a while and all my new leg aches went away! I got a full refund on the Asics and started to look around for some more shoes.

I deduced that my old shoes were neutral, fairly lightweight and without a ridged sole.

So with this in mind... I now have a pair of Asic 33-DFA which are reviewed as "... a wonderfully fluid and natural transitioning shoe. The lower stack height definitely presents the runner with a nice ground feel that is similar to a minimalist shoe."

Took them out for a 5k last night and so far, so good!!

So if you've spent a small fortune on new shoes and they don't feel right... take them back and keep looking... don't suffer and end up on the IC.

Happy running folks :-)


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  • Phwoaaar! Likin' those.

    A "natural" shoe (lower drop) is exactly what I need too.

  • Now you might think this is crazy but if they prove to be really comfortable and you can afford it buy a second pair. ASICS have a habit of changing the design of their shoes, it might just be a colour change but sometimes they mess with the actual design and then you have to start all over. So if they are perfect for you get onto Amazon or any other running shoe supplier and see if you can get a bargain to tuck away for the future, you may even be able to get the same shoe but a different colour scheme. I have for a couple of years now had 2 pairs to work with, the older pair I use for off road and the newer ones for pavement runs.

    Happy ASIC running its my choice too. :)

  • That's not a bad idea :-) I'll see how I get on for a few months and perhaps look around although these are fairly new to the market.

  • Good idea OG! I loved my old Asics but when I replaced with their new ones they were slightly different and I ended up exchanging them x :-)

  • Lovely looking new shoes AndyD!

    That's very very sound advice Oldgirl and rings painfully true to me ... Literally! Can't find Nike Lunar Glide 5 anywhere and I LOVE them .... Mine suddenly went from same as usual absolutely perfect to flat as pancakes, feel the shadows under my soles mid-run. They'd done about 600kms of work. I KNEW I should have bought 2 pairs last summer (they were 50% off in the sale).

    Conclusion: if you find a shoe that suits, buy as many as you can afford! They change the models so often!

  • This happened to me after my first pair of ASICS so I bought Brooks but didn't get on with them. Ended up searching for ASICS again and once I found the model that was right for me I kept an eye out for sales and bought the second pair. Will probably buy a third pair too if I can find them. There is no fun in spending Β£100 on shoes that end up not right for you.

  • Excellent advice OG - when my trusty Brooks needed replacing they were nearly three years old and guess what? - Brooks had brought out three models since then, none of which were right for me. I had to take my shoes back three times and have finally found something that's okay, so I am haunting the online sites watching for the prices to fall, at which point I will buy another pair or two!

  • Hello Annie, hope you are well my running friend?

    I'm a firm believer of doing this shoe shopping as I've been down the same route as yourself and its most annoying. I'm watching out for another pair of ASICS Gel Nimbus 15 just now. Hubby did ask one day "Are you trying to make a collection of all the colours of the rainbow"? To be honest I have got to the stage were I don't care what colour they are so long as they are right for my feet, especially my gammy foot. :)

  • Ooh new shoes! They're Bobby Dazzlers!

  • Nice :-)

  • Oooo they're nice!

  • I like those - I hope they remain comfy for you x :-)

  • Thems beauties!

    You have to make a gradual change to lower drop shoes though rather than wear them all the time from the off.

  • Very nice shoes Andy :D

  • I've just bought some asics GT 2000 and am worried I might have the same problems. They do feel snug and my toes are near the end but when I walk in them they are really comfy. Think I will take them back rather than risking injury. I'll stick to my old asics. Trouble is I don't know which ones they were. I bought them about 6 years ago and didn't run for about 4 years. I've followed this plan and now run for 30 mins

  • There is nothing wrong with the Asic GT2000 and I understand they are very popular... but we are all different in our running style and for ME they didn't work. Please don't take them back on the basis of my experience.

    The purpose of my post was to try and get the message across that whilst we may spend Β£100 of a pair of shoes it doesn't always mean they will be perfect for you... and if they are not for whatever reason... take them back and keep looking.

    I think you may struggle to get the same shoe that you purchased 6 years ago... but if they were good for you then... take them with you to a good running store and hopefully they can find something similar. :-)

  • Thanks Andy, I always find it difficult to find any type of footwear, never mind running shoes! I'll wear them round the house and then decide. I did get them for Β£52, they were a very good price 😊

  • My first pair of ASICS were GT2000 ladies version and they were the best I've had, then they changed the design and the new ones no longer suited my feet. I now have 2 pairs of Gel Nimbus 15 also took a half size bigger than previous pair as I need a bit more toe room in left foot after PF problem. But on buying new shoes wear them indoors for a while first to check if they are okay. I also have a good walk in my new running shoes before I run in them.

  • Yes indeed, I returned 3 pairs recently, the shop gave me a refund but suggested tactfully that they wouldn't be able to help me further lol! I went somewhere else and found some shoes that do it for me. It's amazing really isn't it, how shoes can make so much difference. Don't settle for anything less than the best, especially when they are so expensive.

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