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new shoes !


Well, since I seem to be sticking to this running lark, I thought it was time for new shoes as the pair I bought at the beginning are showing wear on the sole. I've done almost 300km in total, which is quite amazing. I hesitated about going to our local scary running shop, but having done some reading of reviews on the web, I found people are saying good things about Decathon's new own brand, so I thought I'd at least try them on. I have custom insoles from the podiatrist, so I figured I needed a neutral shoe and to let the insoles do the correction. Anyway, I tried them on and in the shop they were really comfy and felt very supportive. I figure they've got to be better than what I was using up to now (Decathlon's entry level "occasional runner" shoe.) The new ones are allegedly for people running up to 5 times a week up to an hour a day, so they should be fine for my purposes.

They are also rather a snazzy fushia and lemon design. Dunno what it is about running that makes me want to wear bright colours. Paid 80Euros, which is about 70quid I think these days.

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Ooh, they sound lovely! I hope they serve you well :)


Ooh exciting! I love new shoes x


New shoes this week, new garmin last week, maybe a trip our for new leggings ( or shorts???) next week. Way to go lady!

AncientMumGraduate in reply to lizziebeth57

That's the only problem with c25k- the many many opportunities for running-related spending :)

ajwyldGraduate in reply to lizziebeth57

Yeah -one reason I took up running was the low entry cost (no gym fees, no expensive kit - just shoes) but I do seem to be amassing quite a collection. Shoes will get their first outing tomorrow ! And I love love love my garmin (forerunner 15.) I wear it all the time in Activity Tracking mode.

AncientMumGraduate in reply to ajwyld

You're the first person I've heard of who has the forerunner 15. I'm getting a Gramin and have been deliberating about merits of F15 compared with F10. The lovely turquoise strap is obviously a major advantage to the 15 but apart from that, do you think it's worth extra dosh?

ajwyldGraduate in reply to AncientMum

I'm planning to write up a proper review soon after a week or so's more use, but so far I'm really happy with it. I did pay more for the 15 than I would have for the F10, but I find I am using it in Activity Tracker mode all the time. I had wondered at the beginning if I would really bother, and if it would be too big, but its fine. My original plan was to get a Fitbit and use my phone to track my running. But my phone's GPS started playing up and Fitbit withdrew the model I wanted. I had just started looking at other activity bands when the F15 came out, and hubby suggested it might be the ideal combination (its my birthday present). Mine is purple and is the smaller size. I have tiny wrists and hands and its fine. I probably would't wear it with a smart outfit, but its good for everyday. Still getting the hang of all the run functions. Tried out the virtual pacer yesterday but didn't really get to grips with it. Tomorrow I'm going to try setting some intervals. The Activity Tracker has a "nag" mode when it tells you if you've been sitting still for too long, though it does tend to go off when I'm in the car or in a long meeting ! One minor niggle (but its also true of the F10) is that you have to plug it in to a PC to synchronise the data. But once you've done that it draws lots of pretty pictures on the website.

AncientMumGraduate in reply to ajwyld

Sounds fab. Was really hoping you were going to say don't buy it, it isn't worth the extra money you pay compared with the F10. Darn it!! I'll look forward to your longer review, assuming I can restrain myself from buying one in the meantime. Good to know the sizings ok as I've got small wrists too and was worrying about that. :)

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