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W8R2 another Tony Tiger run!


Evening lovely runners,

As the title says, I had a really good W8R2 today :) I felt good all the way round - very hot and very tired by the end but I did it, and did it well. I knew it was going to be a good one as soon as I stepped out of the door; I had a spring in my step during my warm-up and was really keen to get going. At first I thought I'd set out a bit too fast, but I felt energetic so I kept the pace, and told myself I always have the option to ease off later. Anyway, after a few minutes I settled and was feeling good.

I run through the woods and normally see odd bits of "wildlife" (rabbits, birds, ducks and geese from nearby farms, cats, dogs etc.) but today I was more than a little surprised to see 4 men dressed head-to-toe in high-viz orange, as I rounded a bend. I think they were assessing the landslide potential of a particularly steep slope, but anyway they all waved at me so I smiled and cheerily waved back and then ran a bit faster (to show off! :) ), and then common sense returned and I regained normal pace.

At "5-minutes-to-go" I had still kept up a slightly increased pace, and was determined to finish strongly so breathing very heavily and with my cheeks turning a high-viz shade of their own, I dug deep and pushed on right to the end. I slowed down the second I heard Laura's voice though and took a couple of minutes to recover (my cheeks took a little longer! :D )

My W8R1 on Tuesday was good, and I ran on the same route today but got quite a bit further round in the 28 minutes (I've no idea what the distance is as I don't take phone/gadgets with me) but I was pleasantly surprised to see how far I managed to get :)

In summary: very chuffed!

Sending good-run vibes to all :)

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Hey Atomic, sounds like you had a really good run, the Running Gods were truly smiling down on you today and everything just fell into place , Great innit ?

I loved Week 8 , it felt great to get out there and do those long runs. Fab stuff, you sound very happy and chuffed with yourself , and quite rightly so !

Enjoy the rest of your week, Good Luck ! :-) xxx


Thank you very much! I love it when it all comes together :)

I'm so pleased with my progress - as so many others are. It really is a wonderful thing this C25K lark!


That sounds like a fantastic run - I wish they could all be like that!


Me too!

In my vast (ahem, well 7 and a bit weeks) experience of running it's been about:

50% good runs

30% "meh" runs

5% 'orrible runs

and 15% Tony Tiger runs :D

I'm going to enjoy it while it lasts... Further challenges to come methinks!


Doesn't it feel good when you have a run like that - I enjoyed mine today. Not long for graduation - keep strong :0)



I know, we're nearly there now :)

Fingers crossed for GRRREAT runs all round!

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Great feeling isn't it when you go further in the same time!


Mmm, it is :)

It just keeps on surprising me this running malarkey!


Haha! I Iove the 'Tony Tiger' reference. I'll be hoping for one of them on my next run :) your doing fab, Not long now!


Yeah, we can do this :) :)

(sending Tiger Power to you too!)


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