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Another very enjoyable 30 minute run


Good morning fellow intrepid joggers :)

2 runs in quick succession... this is good!

The past couple of runs I seem to have swapped time/distance for hills. So today I was determined. I ran for 30 minutes, not on the flat, because my usual knee-wrecking canal route still largely has an extra canal down the towpath! I did wonder if because I'm a Christian, I'd be able to do the Jesus thing and walk/run on water, and also briefly considered if I could get gait analysis for a pair of wellies, but I settled for the local roads, but extended my route slightly, and ran until a little voice in my ear said I'd been going for 30 minutes. It wasn't a fast paced run, I managed a little over 4k in that time, but that was still a PB, particularly if you count the fact that it was hilly.

According to the app I use, Pacer, I gained 40m in elevation. It felt like more, but that may just have been the difference between the low and high points, not sure. After the warm up, the run consisted of about 15 minutes of gentle to medium hill climb, and then basically the reverse. The second half is quite nice actually, because it's not along a main road, and it's downhill. There is a small uphill section to finish off, just to get to 30 minutes, but it was fine.

I'm quite pleased actually, I got to the end feeling comfortable, still able to hold a conversation (just), and feeling rather pleased with myself.

Then I started to dwell on the journey. No, not that one, the whole Couch to 5k Journey. Back in August when I started, I couldn't run for a minute without it feeling like the world was about to end. Today? I could have gone on!

So if you are new to this running lark, don't think, how the heck am I going to run for 30 minutes, don't think further than your next run. You will be pleasantly surprised!

Happy running, folks :)


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Wow! I am in awe of you, tackling hills! Good work on your pb, too. It is so rewarding to reach your own goals. So glad that you are enjoying your runs too – you deserve it, you put the work in!

Happy running, buddy. x

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Thanks Sadie-runs, the hills were quite fun actually. A goal of mine is the Lyme Park parkrun, probably next year, which is very very hilly, 3rd hilliest in the country apparently, so clearly I need to practice this. I could, of course, do an easier, flatter parkrun first, I might consider that!! But it's something to aim for anyway.

I don't really have a choice about the hills if I'm avoiding the muddy towpath, it's either uphill or downhill in every direction. "Flat" doesn't really feature!

As always, thanks for your support and encouragement. It's like having my own personal cheerleader :)

I'm chuckling at welly gait-analysis! Sounds a great run. Apps are good for a rough idea but for accurate elevation you need something with an inbuilt altimeter, so if it felt like more than 40m it quite possibly was.

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Yes, I suspect you might be right, I shall study the maps later :) I wonder if I could run in wellies...?


I feel exactly the same, Neil and most of us do, I suppose: the "little" (but impressive from our point of view!) miracle of being able to run without looking at your watch puffing wondering when the hell the voice is going to tell you to stop. I felt that on my run yesterday: I actually ran 40 mns as it felt so good and only stopped because I had an appointment! So had to head back home.

Well done for the hills too!! I haven't reached that level yet. More happy running to you!

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I know, right??! I honestly felt like I could have gone on... no niggly pains, just me and the road. Oh - and yesterday's episode of The Archers lol

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lol The Archers! Being in France I've almost forgotten their existence (still on Radio 4?). But you won't catch up with them despite all your efforts: they've been running for so long, too far ahead of us ;-)

Another consolidation run Neil.. and you are getting stronger. Just brilliant😊xx

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Now that my knee pain is a distant bad memory, I'm really enjoying the consolidation. And don't forget it's people like you who have helped people like me over the finishing line. When I say finishing, well, it's only just beginning!


Another one tucked away Neil.. you are getting there an still enjoying! Hills too... wow... you are shaking it up a bit:) Well done!


Lovely post Neil and fab advice at the end for all newbies. This is good for me too as I haven't ran for nearly 3 weeks, so the longer it goes, my stamina does too. Keep going Neil, you're doing so well 😊

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Thanks :-) but you know, you can do it!! Is everything ok? I know you were talking about mojo-related stuff a few weeks back...

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Thanks Neil 😊

I think since the darker evenings, I'm not confident running in the dark, maybe if there was someone with me I would, but to be honest, I'm happy running alone as I can't talk and run, haha. I have no time in the morning before work and there is no chance after work. If it was light, then yes, I'd be like I was a month ago and go after work, aswell as visit my mum. It's a massive squeeze on the weekend, but it is doable depending on my jobs and catch up work. That's the main reason really Neil, but I don't want to let it go on too long without running though. Typical though, I have the motivation and mojo for it now 🤣

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I am not particularly wise on these things, but I reckon don't set yourself unreachable goals or you'll be constantly disappointed. I'm just happy with doing a run a week through the winter. If I manage more, great. But if I don't manage it, no point in beating myself up.

What I would say, is that even if it's just a 10 minute run down well-lit streets, it's better than no run.

Hang in there x

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Yes, I could do that, like I did before it went dark, I'd miss a day visiting mum and came straight home, did my run and was back in the house for 6.30 ish onward. Plus, just after work there is plenty of traffic around, so, it's relatively safe.

Cheers Neil 😊


What a lovely read, thank you for sharing. Well done on tackling those hills too! That’s some great advice that you gave, just thinking about your next run as this is so true. However do we manage to run for 30 mins when we began by struggling with 1? It’s magic!


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Thanks Sadie, I know what you mean about struggling with the one minute runs. I remember thinking "Why would anyone chose to do this to themselves?". Fortunately I stuck at it, as did you :)

Brilliant and awesome hill running.

Happy running to you too 😊

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Thanks Carolyn, strangely enough, I am loving the hills. Never thought I'd say that. Never thought I'd enjoy running at all. What's wrong with me???!

Lovely post Hidden ☺️

Well done on those hills, and great to hear that your knees are now in a happy place 😊

The walking on water may only be achievable when it’s frozen over ... but I wouldn’t advise it 😱

Happy running lovely 😊

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Thanks Carolyn :) Yes, I think I may just avoid learning to ice-skate whilst trying to acheive a PB!!!

HeadInTheCloudsGraduate in reply to Hidden

Carolyn..?? Well, that nearly blew my cover..!! 😂😂😂

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Ah - that would explain what happened to my reply to Carolyn then oops :-)


Great post and great run. Love that you're wondering about running wellies ;)

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Thanks! Yes - I think this could be an idea for a business venture. Surely there's an untapped market there, right?

ickleguiGraduate in reply to Hidden

A quick search on the ubiquitous search engine and ... oh hey it's our own lovely Jo Whiley! !! Can't say I've seen them around much though >_<

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Oh wow, that’s brilliant! I listened to Jo during C25K, so they would clearly be perfect. :)


Yay, well done Neil. Sounds very positive and enjoyable. You’re back in the game 👊🏻

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Oh yes! Definitely :-)


Yay, you are doing really well Neil! So... loving hills is possible - there's something to aim for! 😀

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Run for the hills, you mean? :-)


You are just flippin runderful Hidden

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Awww thanks, so are you!

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