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W4 R2 - Where's my energy gone?

I don't really understand this. I'm now 4 weeks into the program and my energy levels during the runs are fine (obviously tired at the end, but I can get through them ok).

However, everyone says that exercising gives yoyu energy, you sleep better etc - well, I'm finding the opposite is true.

I'm tired all the time, especially in the days of my runs (I run first thing in the morning) - literally I have no energy, and come around 8pm I can hardly keep my eyes open.

Is this normal? Is it just my body getting used to the new regime? If so, any idea how long the acclimitisation period lasts for?

Foir the record, I'm 36, and over 18 stone, so I'm not exactly used to this exercise.

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Oh man, that last tag is bad......


I know where you are coming from as I have had exactly the same feelings as you. Take a look at this link and see if you can identify with it. I describes me down to a 'T' and I have ordered some supplements.


Hope you soon feel energised!

Edit: I just checked the link and it works. I would like to add I am not psychotic and all that. But I do get light headed, forgetful, tired, trip a lot etc, I am 66 so of an age when Alzheimer type symptoms may be an issue.

Second edit: I am slowly finding that I am slightly more positive and I feel the programme is doing me some good.

Hope you are soon feeling a lot less tired!


Dear lord - just reading that list makes me ill.....

It doesn't really fit my condition - basically I'm just really tired after running.

Also found that I need the loo in the night a lot more - now I know that these two things together can point towards diabetes but I have been tested fairly recently. It also has started since I have begun the program.


Didn't mean to upset you. It was just a thought.

I guess for all of us who have previously not been active in our lives, this level of activity is tough on our bodies and makes us tired. It will turn around for you soon, I'm sure.

I am T2 diabetic and extreme tiredness was the symptom which made me see my doctor in the first place. I find that a low carb diet is better for me.


Just a thought - do you snore? Could you have sleep apnoea?


I thought I might have but I've been tested and I don't


Hi, I was also really tired after some runs. I am on wk 7 and did run 2 last saturday. I basically then had a duvet day recovering!!

However, I felt fine sunday and on monday evening did a Zumba class (new to me) followed by yoga (4th week) last evening. And I found i had much more energy. It was as if the fun aerobic exercise in the zumba had wakened me up. I got up and did run 3 of week 7 this morning at 6.30 am. Feel tired now after lunch but not excessively so like i did before. It will be saturday am before I do another activity.

I am 62 in november with no health problems though overweight and think the anxiety of wondering if I was upto running the 20 mins and then the 25 mins was actually preying on my mind and causing me to feel tired and overcome. Then doing an hour of zumba relatively easily showed me I am fitter than I thought!

Thats my two penny worth anyway. Some tiredness is normal; fitness levels improve without sometimes being aware of it. You will get the happy feelings everyone talks about.

Best wishes F


After week 1 run 3 followed by a too hot soak in the bath i couldn't do a thing except go back to bed for several hours! Fortunately it was a saturday so i could! Felt incredibly tired. If i run in the morning i'm tired by mid afternoon which is why i prefer running after work but it's getting too dark now. Feeling better now in week 2, still tired but also relaxed, i don't think it's anything to worry about....


I am on week 6, getting really tired from the running now. I am basically tired the whole day after! (I go out in the mornings). I am also ravenous but trying hard not to overeat to undo all my good work. I think what I'm eating could play a part, I'm not hugely unhealthy but could be healthier. I also am just telling myself it takes time to feel that increased energy - I'm certainly not feeling it yet!


I was thinking it may have to do with what you eat too.. I find that I do best if i have a light snack before my run (to kick start my metabolism) and then try and hydrate after and have a piece of fruit.

Initially I dug straight into lunch and found that made me sluggish. Turns out I wasn't really all that hungry after running, just thirsty, so now I take a bit to recover first.

If you are drinking more water as a result of running this could be why you need the loo? I am up and down every 40 mins or so in work!


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