Zombies are our friends!

Yes, this post is about running. It's about how I haven't run very much in the last few weeks (I could cite long hours at work and tiredness and wanting to do other things for 5x50...), and how I had intended to go for a nice 10K run today. I had a new off-road route in mind, but the rain this morning and over the past couple of days led me to feel it would be unpleasantly muddy. I ummed and ahhed and the day began to slip away. It finally got to about 8.30pm and my stress levels were rising, knowing I hadn't run and the scales will not be looking friendly tomorrow morning.

Suddenly zombies seemed to be the answer! I completed the ZombiesRun! app some months ago, but I decided to start again at the beginning, setting it for 1 hour runs this time instead of 30 mins, and with 'zombie chases' switched on. It did the trick. I ran a long, otherwise dull route around the town, I sprinted away from zombie hoardes at inopportune moments (proving that I could still go for it when I thought there was nothing left in the tank), and I ran an overall acceptable time for a tortoise (6.32 miles/10.17k in 1:18:22). It would probably be a new 10K PB if I hadn't suddenly been beseeched by zombies again as I reached the 10K mark, upon which I found an incredible burst of speed which I didn't believe my legs had left in them.

Pretty exhaunsted now and in need of a soak in the bath, but feeling considerably less stressed than I was earlier. Who'd have guessed zombies could be great for relaxation?!

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  • Well done on getting out there. The app sounds fun!

  • Wow, my best friend and I spend a large amount of time (some would say unproductively) planning our escape from the zombie apocalypse and our subsequent survival in 'zombie death house'. Now we can train for it too!!!!! Those zombies won't stand a chance against us now!!


  • I really wanted that app but I can't get it on my phone, but will work on husbands phone so I am planning on treating myself to it and erm borrowing husbands phone when I graduate. Great to hear from someone that it works. I believe they are working on an expansion to the story at the moment :)

  • What phone do you have? There is an Android and an iPhone version.

  • I have a droid phone but it's rubbish (counting down to the end of my contract) and my os isn't compatible I checked I was so disappointed. my husbands new un rubbish phone is compatible. I had to delete loads of stuff just to get runkeeper to work on my phone and it even struggles with that.

  • I think there might be a ZombiesRun! 2 now. Glad you've reminded me to look, although it's interesting doing the story again from the beginning, especially on the longer time and with added 'zombie chases' (which seems to me to be a form of fartlek training!). :-)

  • Sounds a great way to pass away the time :)

  • Sounds like a fun run. I like the fact that other people going about their day have no idea there are even zombies amongst them! :D I am definitely going to get this on graduating xxx

  • I was thinking about this as I was running. Being late on a Sunday evening there weren't too many people around, and envisioning that the guy in the hoody didn't know what was about to hit him was quite easy. ;-)

  • Glad the zombies helped and that you are back out there! Impressed with getting out at 8.30 too, but Its great you harnessed the power of rising stress levels rather than let them keep rising.

    I downloaded zombies months ago but it won't go on my iPod and my phone is a bit bulky, however might just try it out when I am back up to full strength as it sounds like good fun. :)

  • Sounds fun. I might have a look into it myself. Glad you enjoyed your run and thanks for sharing. Best wishes.

  • I've heard about this before. Can somebody tell us where to get it please! (For android)

  • More info here: zombiesrungame.com/ (turns out there's a Zombies, Run! 3 now) or you can look on the Google Play store.

  • Thank you Legion!

  • Hmm, think there might be a problem with the store at the moment. The full Zombies. Run! app was missing when I looked yesterday. there was just the 5k app and the 'advance' one, which won't work as it was for early investors only. Keep an eye out on it coming back though. I thoroughly recommend it for motivation and a fun story. :-)

  • I credit the app for getting me going (used their version of c25k) and keeping me at it. I have a tendency to run, listening to the story and chuckling to myself. It's funny how there's something almost primeval about running faster when 'something's' chasing you. I love it.

  • As liquoricet says, there's also a 5K training app, for anyone still working up to 5K. I haven't used it myself so not sure if it's as good as the main game. The 'zombie chases' on the main app are very effective for getting you to find speed you didn't know you had! The sound of heavy breathing zombie hoardes getting increasingly closer never fail to make me run faster! :-O Luckily, you can switch the 'zombie chases' off if you want a storyline with a bit less adrenaline. ;-)

  • I have been running from zombies since graduation! I can highly recommend it for motivation. Wish they did a 10k training app as well.

  • Haven't heard of this app but then again haven't heard of many. Well done on getting out, the thought is ALWAYS worse than the reality. I thought your post was going to be about the film 'Zombieland' , cardio,cardio,cardio. If you haven't seen it give it a watch. =D

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