Zombies, Run!

Is anyone else using Zombies, Run now they've completed C25K? I had my first run with it yesterday and it was hard work. I guess it's interval training by any other name as you have to speed up when zombies are closing in.

I'm sure it'll help me improve, but I'm hoping to be able to run for the full mission next time as I had to stop at 27 minutes this time. I'm hoping it wasn't just Laura keeping me going!


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16 Replies

  • I have moved onto C25k+ stepping stones. Nice Laura gone, nagging alter ego telling what you need to do! She does make me laugh though. Not sure I am up to going faster yet. Gone further 5.22k in 34 mins which I was chuffed with. Plan to go for a 'nice' run tomorrow - no plan but to enjoy it! Don't get chased by zombies on every run...!

  • I've downloaded those, which ones are you doing? That's a brilliant time, I did my 5K in 37 minutes last Saturday, so was a bit disappointed in myself for having to stop after 27 yesterday.

    You can turn the zombies off...but where's the fun in that ;)

  • Planning on trying it as my daughter loves it. I have just decided to stick with a half an hour for the next couple of runs week then gradually build up time until I can do 5 k. I think it will take about 37 minutes too, but I don't think I have the stamina to increase my duration at the moment. The first 3 runs after graduation were pretty hard, maybe it was because I dumped Laura! This morning was great though, fair enjoyed it.

    So Zombies may be the week after next.

  • The zombie missions are 30 minutes long, so that could fit in nicely. I might do one run with zombies, one without - as it was definitely the speeding up that I struggled with.

    That was my first pre-graduate run, and it did concern me that I stopped - Laura did such a good job of keeping me going!

    I might go without the zombies next time and make sure I run to the end. Was hoping to do Park Run again on Saturday, but it looks like I'll be working Friday night now, so won't be able to make it. Gutted :(

  • I used the zombies c25k run app and have now graduated onto the zombies run app. I really like it. You can turn the chases off (I do on longer runs) or have it last an hour. It also has a radio mode where it plays your tunes with DJs.

    Anyway, welcome to Abel runner 5. It's been interesting enough to keep me going out 3x a week. ;)

  • It's definitely good fun :) I might switch around with the C25K+ podcasts and Abel Township to give me a good mix!

  • I've been using AudioFuel - love it. The interval training is good on there, Pyramid 180 Max! :)

  • 180? Eep! I thought 160 was hard!

  • Will zombies work if you run on a treadmill?

  • Not sure, you have to speed up to escape the zombies.

  • It does work on a treadmill. Rather than GPS it estimates your speed based on your phone's movements. Just select accelerometer rather than GPS.

  • I've been thinking about this for a while. I've just downloaded it! I won't do it on the parkrun (although I might get a better PB!) but I'll try it Monday, hopefully I won't scare myself rigid

  • It's good fun :)

  • Oh wow, I'd never heard of this before! I graduated today and will start interval training so this sounds great :)

  • I really liked the zombies, till an upgrade to the app meant I lost all the stuff I had completed and then it just crashed my phone every time I tried to use it. In the end, I had a hissy fit and deleted the whole thing!

  • I bought the Zombies, Run app as I liked the premise of a story to a run but I didn't like it. It did keep me running but I was never sure when to speed up, when to stop etc. Back to Laura for me.

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