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Rico interuptus

Felt great today, run before work, hamstring behaving but shortly after my warm up Rico the golden retriever caught up with me having run away from my wife. So a shorter run. Got him home and then thought to just add a run round the block which was good but too short overall when I felt so good.

Looking forward to trying a longer run again this weekend

Happy running all

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Dogs are a bit distracting aren't they. You are bowling along steadily one minute and the next you're wrapped round a tree! What is it about squirrels that so enrages a normally placid dog!?

Well done GF. Your dog is getting fitter too


Thanks MW no dog today


At least the shorter run may keep your hamstring happy! :-)


Indeed although I was so frustrated I had a longer run today and it was fine!


Ha ha , you would've got away with it if it hadn't have been for that pesky pooch ! Dogs, hey you gotta love 'em ...

Good to hear that your hamstring is holding up and youre getting some mileage on your legs..

I would put Rico on the naughty step for the next one , tell him he's grounded :-)

Fab stuff GF, youre getting there , wont be long till youre back to full strength xxx


Thanks PP. Can't believe how long it takes.


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