First charity run completed

I undertook my first run around manchester airport today. It WAS supposed to be a 4k run.......we were told mid week it was slightly turned out to be 5.75k!!

Tough going as very rugged ground. Rough dry soil. Narrow trails. Potholes. Hilly etc.

Did it in about 47 minutes.......I forgot to stop my watch whilst I was accepting my medal from Gary Lineker...whoops!!!

I thought I came in near the back.....but it turned out I was around 50-60th.....judging on the numbers of finishers waiting for transport back to the airport.

Those planes got really close overhead lol

The sun was shining and it was a glorious day. A few dressed up in fancy dress. Raised about ยฃ7k for Medcare/comic relief I believe.

Was thinking of doing a 5k next year but it turns out I have already done it now, even if it wasn't all running i am still chuffed! Hope everyone had a great weekend. Happy trails :-) x


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  • Sounds like a tough run. Well done you! So now you know you can do the 5k! Great stuff, feel proud, first of many I reckon x :-D

  • Cheers. Every run is hard....but it keeps me trying!! Cheers x

  • Well done Mancbird !! That's a good distance for a recent graduate, especially on difficult ground, you should be very proud of yourself. Now you know you can do the distance you can do LOTS of 5ks next year if you want.

  • Thank you....gonna have a two day rest and get back out on wednesday. This will be week 13 of my running life. Not bad going from 1 minute runs to 5.75k, even if it was part run part walk. Anyone can get off that couch. No excuses!! X

  • That is brilliant, well done!

    That is a long way to come isn't it, you should be really pleased with yourself.

    :) xx

  • Thank you. I will never be Usain Bolt but at least i try. We all try x

  • Congratulations on your run, that's almost 50% longer than you signed up for :) 10k next year instead? ;)

  • We will see lol. If i ever complete a 10k run i will be ecstatic!! Thanks for the congrats x

  • Really Garry Lineker? The actual chap? Well, congratulations and supa-big back pats for running nearly 6k AND getting bling from Gary L. :D

  • Yeah the real deal lol. He was very nice. Taking selfies with runners. Giving out medals. Giving up his time. I like that!

    Made it a good first charity run for me

  • Not a bad day's work Manc, and a medal from GARY!!!!!! He's dead famous int he?

    Only kiddin! I know he is. LOL

    I was actually ooohing and ouching at your description of the terrain. Lumpy, dry soil is a pig to run on and it crocks your ankles. I hope you're all right after all that lot!

    You've come a long way in 13 weeks so give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back. Have a lovely evening basking in the after glow. Maybe a drink to celebrate

  • Yep thats why i think i will have 2 days rest. !!

    Even my 4 year old told me she was proud of me. That was enough for me x

  • Ah bless her little heart. You'll have to go running with them round the park. You can take little uns park running

  • Ooh yes ! Especially if you are near one which is two 2.5k loops and then you can stop after the first circuit. There were a few doing that with REALLY little children at mine this weekend. They were running a bit, then skipping a bit, then walking a bit...OK they were in front of me ....

  • Lol. Made me laugh that. At least we are off that couch!! Thats all i think anyway x

  • Wahey MB , fab stuff ! Oh you must be so chuffed with yourself tonight and rightly so, you did it girl ! :-)

    Fancy getting your bling off Mr Crisp too, Double Brucie Bonus :-D xxx

  • Thanks pp. Just having a brew then off to land of nod for a deserved kip!! Btw i started the bupa run thingy you suggested. Cheers for that x

  • Oh that's great MB, its good to have a plan I think , good stuff :-) xxx

  • Yep certainly helps me. When i lack a goal i usually lack incentive. I am very goal driven. So yes it helps tremendously! X

  • Yes I agree, me too :-) xxx

  • How fab for a first race!And a medal from Mr Lineker himself! The course sounds awful, well done for sticking at it!

  • Cheers. It was a good day x

  • A bib well done to you !!

  • Thank you. X

  • Well done MB!!!!!

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