Couch to 5K

Graduate run completed!

I am so so so chuffed with myself writing this post, I have happy tears in my eyes! For years and years I have struggled with a poor body image and my weight has gone up and down a bit, as I moved from one crazy diet to the next, I would lose weight put it all back on again and the cycle would go round again. Everyone said I needed to exercise, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it, in fact I thought I couldn't do it. My sister (who also has never trained) vowed to run a half marathon and seeing her progress a few months ago spurred me on. I can honestly say its turned my life around. I feel happy, healthy, strong and can't wait to continue this journey to life long fitness. The funniest thing about it is I've not actually lost a pound, but I don't care one iota about weight anymore and instead I'm focusing on health and general well being and it honestly feels amazing. I don't see this as the end of the programme I see it as something new and exciting for me.

Sorry I know it sounds cliched but for all those out there beginning the programme I hope it changes your attitude as much as it has mine. I always used to lie in bed on a Saturday morning and today I jumped out at 7am as I'd didnt want to run when it got too warm (still in a treadmill in my loft which is mighty hot and the view is awful) but now I've done it I'm going to venture outside and look at the world with happy eyes.

In terms of the run I'm slow, I timed the 30 min run at about 3.75km, but I don't care much about speed either as I know that will come. Ive completed the programme without ever stopping and for me that feels amazing!

Now, where do I hunt down my badge? Xxx


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Big congratulations to you Nicky. A very inspirational graduation post too - thank you.

Keep running!


Well done! Im just about to start week 2 and its lovely to read posts like this - makes us all want to keep going! Congratulations!


Thats fantastic and a lovely story. I feel the same as you about the diet. I have been dieting for half my life and I def need to lose a few stone but since I started this, I feel so many other benefits. The tummy is slowly going down and I feel inspired to be fitter. Yesterday on my birthday I went out at 5.30am for W6R1. Now if someone had told me I would be doing that next year on my birthday I would have laughed. This has the ability to change all our lives and we must grasp it! (Oh dear, here endeth the lesson!!) :D


What a truly inspiring graduation post! Congratulations; and let us know how you get on with the move into the big wide world!


Brilliant graduation blog.

All sounds very familiar ( the half your life dieting bit).

I started the program in february and together with slimmimg world it has enabled me to lose 20 lbs.

Can't imagine life without running now.

Wait till you get outside, you'll love it!

Again, really well done x :)


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