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I got through week 1

I feel amazing. I did it. I got up at 6:30am despite my brain saying I should stay in bed and I went out and completed week 1 with a beautiful sunrise to boot. I found the run really really good, I could have ran for longer and actually added 2 extra runs and 15 minutes more walking. So I was going for about 50mins altogether. Super proud of myself, surprised how much I love it!

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Fantastic stuff, Mamawitch!! A sunrise in there too. enjoy week 2 :D


Well done! Sounds like you're getting the running bug!


yeeeaahhhhhhhh baby!! Kaboooooom! Well done. I'm jumping up and down with excitement for you. I did exactly the same as you 18 months ago and have just come back from a stonking 7K!!

Stick at it. take it easy. Be a good Mamawitch and don't go doing too much too son. Stick to the prog. It works.





I was a wake at 06:30 this morning too, thought better of it and went back to sleep. Only lie in I get all week but I'll be running this afternoon. Keep up the good work its worth it :)


Hi there

Don't run further than you're meant to! Not at this early stage. It's tempting to keep going but don't! Rein yourself in. You can go further later, when you've Graduated, and when your body is strong enough

The last thing you need is an injury, and running too far too soon is a sure way to get one. I learned the hard way so don't you fall into the same trap

Enjoy the runs, have a good time with it. The process will soon be over so make the most of it, then you can look back on it with pleasure rather than "cor, I'm glad that's over"


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