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Today has been a very good day!

I've been planning on writing a blog post for the entire time I've been running this program, but I just hadn't gotten around to it. I really wanted to start on a high, and judging by today, this seems like a good enough high!

I decided earlier on in the week that I'd start the parkruns next weekend. Week six and seven seemed to go really smoothly (I start week eight tomorrow), and I'm comfortably running for 25 minutes twice a day at the moment.

The other half just told me just to try to do the 5k: so, I set my route on runkeeper, grabbed my iphone, and left the house. I honestly didn't think I could do it during my warm up walk, but I thought I'd give it a shot!

32:23 minutes later and I've run 5.1k without stopping. I've not stopped grinning since I got back!

Oh, and to add to my pleasure, I fitted into a size 12 dress today (plus it looked nice): something I've not done in about ten years. :) Admitting, that isn't just down to c25k, but the extra inches off my thighs from running these past seven weeks certainly helps!

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Now that's what you call a result good for you


Thank you!


25 minutes twice a day !!!


I've been doing the program slightly differently. :)

I run for two days (doing two runs a day) and then have a days rest. I do three of those cycles pet weeks podcast: I know it sounds like a lot but I've really enjoyed getting out there and doing it this way!

Although once the programs finished, as my intent is to move onto the 10k program, my plan is to do one long run a day and then speed training as the other run. I don't fancy running for two hourly sessions a day!


Wow I fancied getting out there again today for a second time, but didn't want to risk it sure to damage my calf again). I admire those of you that can good on you.


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