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1st EVER 10k run this morning :-)

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Feeling extremely pleased (and knackered) having completed my first ever 10k run this morning.

I graduated at the end of March/ beginning of April.

I had a Race for life booked for June, so carried on running 3 times a week using week 9 of the couch25k podcasts for the music mainly, covering a distance of at least 5k each time, but not much more.

Then after the race, I started building up my distance and my pace, listening to the stepping stones, stamina and speed podcasts, often back to back.

I'm still running 3 times a week, with one longer run and the other two 5k or more.

Up until this morning the furthest I'd run was 8k, but it felt right, so I went for it!

I can't tell you how thrilled I am :-) I feel fantastic.

We all say it, but if I can do it, so you can you. A positive attitude, a handful of almonds and Laura counting 1-2-3-4 is all you need! lol

I'm going to sleep well tonight (but with a big smile on my face)

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Maysie1 profile image

A massive well done! You have every reason to feel pleased with yourself.

When it feels right, it just feels right and you just proved it.

What is coming next (other than a good nights sleep)?

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RupertlebearGraduate in reply to Maysie1

Thanks Maysie.

Having a glass of champers right now! I feel like I've won the lottery!!

Next? Well, I'd like to run a 10k race ... I have a couple in mind, one here in France in November and one in the UK in October.

It seems to spur me on if I have something concrete in the calendar and I desperately want to carry on running over winter.

After the 10k races, I'm seriously considering a half marathon! Must be mad, but I figure if I can run 10k, I can run 20! Oh misguided person!

I like the speed/stamina/stepping stones podcasts so will continue with those. However I've also been looking at the audio fuel tracks on iTunes so may treat myself and put together an hours worth of running rather than having to keep starting each podcast whilst I'm running.

I couldn't get on with b210k hence my podcast and Laura reliance.


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Maysie1Graduate in reply to Rupertlebear

Crikey. That's what I call making plans!

Go for it!

Well, after you have enjoyed another glass of fizz anyway.... it would be rude not to....you've earned it.

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Brilliant! Thanks for sharing your thrill with us Rupert - sounds like it all came together!

Do you still do the 5 minute warm up walk and 5 minute warm down?

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RupertlebearGraduate in reply to ppaul

Thanks ppaul.

I don't manage 5 minutes walking before I run anymore. I walk very briskly for maybe 3 minutes (sometimes less) then I jog for a couple of minutes before I turn on Cyclemetre, then I start running. Seems to work for me.

I generally do get a 5 minutes, or more, walk after my run, yes, but only because I never know where I'm going to finish my actual run in relation to my home! sometimes I have the 5 minute walk, but then end up running home as I feel so energised and bouncy.

When I get home I have a simple routine if stretches.

I'm tempting fate I know, by saying it, but I've not had any aches or pains or injuries following this routine.

Before I graduated I religiously stuck to the 5 minutes either side of the run.


Tomas profile image

Well done you, Rupert! That is really a great step, and you should be proud of your achievement.

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RupertlebearGraduate in reply to Tomas

Thank you Tomas - I'm a very happy girl this evening. I still can't believe I did it! Couch25k has a lot to answer for!!

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Oh well done. The running gods were smiling down on you today!

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RupertlebearGraduate in reply to Ullyrunner

Thanks Ully - yes they were weren't they. When my Cyclemtre lady told me I'd been running for an hour I said out loud "No! You're kidding me, really?" Then I whooped with delight and dug a bit deeper and upped the pace (only slightly mind) for the last k.

Doesn't it feel wonderful?! :-)

Fantastic Rupertlebear! No wonder you're feeling chuffed and drinking champagne - very well deserved. Bet you're still smiling tomorrow!

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RupertlebearGraduate in reply to Irishprincess

Thankyou IrishPrincess. The second glass is slipping down nicely! Good job I'm not running tomorrow.

You're so right - I most certainly will still be smiling tomorrow. I can't imagine what I did before I ran!

misswobble profile image

Well done !!!!! Great stuff. Now you've done it you won't be long before you tackle another one.

Take care. Have fun!

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RupertlebearGraduate in reply to misswobble

Thanks MissW. Ha ha - you are spot on with your observation. Having had a good nights sleep, my first thought upon waking was, oooh, shall I do another 10k. My second thought was, no, go and make a cup of tea ;-)

A demain - maybe!

mossy1 profile image

Enjoy your celebration drink you deserve it. A great achievement and plans for more - Wow

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RupertlebearGraduate in reply to mossy1

Thanks Mossy. If I don't make plans I let things slip. Although to be honest I get such a kick from running, I can't imagine not doing it, race plans or not.

I'm quite looking forward to wrapping up and running during the winter tbh as I find the heat quite difficult.

Good luck with your own running.

We are nearly twins in our running schedules! ! i graduated around the same time as you and did my first 10k last thursday! hard going at times but was very impressed to make it! well done to you and CONGRATULATIONS! you deserve that drink! :)

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RupertlebearGraduate in reply to aliboo70

Hi aliboo - I always wanted a twin! (I asked my mum if I could have one when I was about 12!)

Well aren't we doing well. A huge pat on the back for you too. What are your next plans?

Whatever did we do before couch25k came along!?!

(PS I'm an Ally too!!) (assuming you are)

Definitely twins then, i'm Ali (Alison when being posh!) !!!!!!!! I'm doing a 10k race in Bournemouth on the 4th October, so thats what prompted me to make sure i did 10k before that! Most before that was 8.5k a little while back! I don't feel like i've progressed that fast, but things are gradually getting easier, did 7k at club run on tues and aiming for another tonight! Still get aches and pains sometimes, but the Bournemouth route is nice and flat and there is music along the way! Just got my race pack through today!! :) Sounds like you're doing great................................. c25k is a lovely thing top have discovered, very rewarding( and i bet we never would have though we could run 6 MILES!!!!!) :)

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RupertlebearGraduate in reply to aliboo70

Gosh, I didn't realise it was 6 miles - sounds further than 10k somehow :-/

Good luck for Bournmouth - I like the sound of flat running. I'm surrounded by hills here, whichever route I take, but I'm gauging my fitness on them - the fitter I get, the less I stagger. I ran along the sea on holiday this year and that was wonderful and flat, mostly, a real treat.

Enjoy your club run tonight

thanks Ally! (Rupertlebear!) , i know 5k is 3.1miles so have just doubled it! :) that DOES seem a long way! I'm getting better at hills too, slowly but surely! Surrounded by hills is hard work! Club run is just tuesday with our local running club" love running tueday nighters!" here on the Isle of Wight! Thats the name of their shop! :) off along seafront tonight should be nice and cool and pretty an OH coming too as he is doing the 10k in Bournemouth also ! :)

Good luck with the coming week

teabreaks profile image

That's wonderful, you must be so proud and rightly so!!!!

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RupertlebearGraduate in reply to teabreaks

Thank you teabreaks. We are all pretty amazing aren't we! I love how we all start out with that 90 second run and then weeks down the line we are running 5k, 10k, 15k etc. I wonder what else we are capable of?!?


poppypug profile image

How did I miss this post ! Many congratulations to you, what a fantastic achievement , you must be so proud of yourself and rightly so !

The sky's the limit for you Missus , you can do anything you want with your positive attitude and determination .

Absolutely fabulous ! :-) xxx

Rupertlebear profile image
RupertlebearGraduate in reply to poppypug

Ooh, what a lovely post poppypug - thankyou. It's just so enlightening when you find something that fires you up like the achievement of being able to run does. It's thrilling. A bit like falling in love! And do you know what, I get a real kick from reading (and understanding) everyone else's posts about how great they feel from this running lark - you most definitely included.

A sense of achievement should be bottled and sold! Mind you, we've all got it for nowt!

Couch25k has changed my life.


MccHa profile image

Well done great achievement 👍 go and ask for your 10K badge 🥇 just got mine yesterday ...

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