Best ever fun at park run with one of my grandsons this morning

5 year old Alex and I have done 7 junior 2 k parkruns together but I always thought 5k was too far for him . However he kept asking and as he only lives 10 mins away from park run thought we give it a try . Was quite willing to stop 1/2 way round and just go back to car. Anyway we were at the start when one of my daughter unexpectedly appeared so that was added bonus. Biggest problem was trying to stop Alex from going too fast at start. Another wee boy ( on his 2nd park run !) explained to Alex about pacing. So funny. Well he managed to run most of it apart from few walking breaks - but never hint of wanting to give up. We had great fun jumping in leaves and pretending to fly like superman - it was very windy. Other runners were clapping him and saying well done - really encouraging. I couldn't have run the length of the street with him a year ago so on a real high . Think I'll be buzzing for the rest of the day. What was our time ? No idea as results not in yet and it doesn't matter as I couldn't be happier if I had won a gold medal.


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38 Replies

  • What a lovely way to spend a morning with your grandson. I can see your vitual medals shining from here! xx

  • Thanks useitorloseit Alex is desperate for a real medal so have been on lookout for a run that will give him one at end Think I might have found a family Santa walk / run in edinburgh that might fit the bill.

  • You can buy them in 99p shops and wilkos etc, if that helps, or you can get brilliant large chocolate golden coins in starbucks which you could attach to a ribbon?

  • Thanks useitorlosit But can't fool my Alex I had toy medals on a ribbon ( left over from egg and spoon races at my birthday but that's another story ) He just looked at it , looked at me and said it wasn't real cos it was plastic and not metal like my real ones. So obviously the need for bling starts at an early age. The Santa race looks good cos we would get a Santa outfit to run in and a medal - just hope it's not plastic !!!!

  • I have only managed one parkrun thus far - other commitments at 9am Saturdays. They are great true. Anyway, to the point of the message. The parkrun I was at made a special fuss of youngsters. At Easter they all got an Easter bunny and apparently at Christmas they get something too. Perhaps your parkrun does that as well.

  • I am not aware of them getting anything then moon mar but other runners do make a point of talking to the wee ones and asking how many runs they have done . I've always found my PR very friendly but loads of people were talking to us yesterday. I know I always try and encourage any of the children I see on way round - usually when they pass me !

  • Fantastic ! Well done you and well done Alex ! You will probably have to take him every week now....

  • Well there that but he also mentioned a superman running top we saw in a shop window I'll have to think how much I love my little grandson as it is more expensive than what I would pay for myself Henpen

  • Sounds it, I love the idea of printed ding to be super heroes I bet he loved it too! What an amazing achievement for a little boy

  • All my grandchildren are my wee super heros but I am so grateful for c25 k for giving me the energy and the zest back in my life to be able to play and run about with them Vixchile

  • :D wonderful post :D :D

  • Thanks Rob it's just great how being out in the fresh air with family can make you feel so good - and it's all free.

  • Aw that's lovely :) Well done all of you!

  • Thanks hilbean I've always ( well nearly always) enjoyed my parkruns and have had lots of highs ie first time I completed , new PB s , running with other c25 kers but this one just felt so free. Love pretending same age as grandchildren

  • Lovely post! enjoy the happy feeling! ​

  • Thanks pigivi Doing the garden now as we have lovely sunshine .

  • What a wonderful story. That made my day :)

  • It's funny how the simple things can mean so much Zev

  • Wonderful, you deserve every special moments like this . x :-)

  • Thanks Elaine This is a grandson in edinburgh who lives nearby. Whitley bay grandson coming up next weekend and we toying with the junior park run cos he loves running but will just have finished course of steroids so not sure if he'll be up for it . Mind. W hen the boys all get together they can be a bit wild so it might be more if I'm up for it !!!

  • Sounds like it's going to be fun! :-D

  • Never thought being a grandma would be so fantastic kittykat. Our daughters were with partners for quite along time before first granddaughter was born then son joined in and a baby seemed to come along every year! We have 7 grandchildren now between 1 and 6 We had to get a new car!

  • We made car salesman laugh as well as spent ages in showrooms trying to fit 3 car seats in back and double buggy in boots before we bought! In our day just stuck baby in carry cot and put in back seat - no straps no nothing When you think about it now - help

  • Hi Fitfor60.

    That is so great that you have inspired him to want to run the 5km, think what you may have started! Soon he will be shooting past us C25Kers! It wasn't easy yesterday on the way back with the wind, it always makes my breathing go haywire! It was rather quiet though was it half term or the weather?

  • There were ' only' about 400 runners and not sure why as edin schools back . To be honest I wasn't expecting him to manage the whole distance and thought we could just stop at cafe and go back to car but he never got bored . We just kind of played games on way round I loved it Suzanne We found someone's barcode on way round and it belonged to someone from Aberdeen so that was good as I know how gutted you feel if can't get time recorded

  • Hey Rona, I always love hearing about you and your grandchildren and it sounds like you had a great morning yesterday. I canna wait until Daniel is old enough to run with me...he'll be 2 in Feb so it might be a while yet. I will have to forgo my yoga on a Saturday to do Parkrun then :)

    Mind you I do run around the park with him and his dog when I am looking after them, I would never have done that before either. He's always more than ready for his afternoon nap!

  • I bet when Daniel goes for nap you tempted to just have wee sleep too. Running certainly keeps us fit enough to enjoy great times with grandchildren Beth

  • What a wonderful story. Happy running to you and Alex and your daughter :)

  • Thanks ancient mum. It was lovely running with no pressure not bothered about time etc

  • Hi Fitfor60! I've loved reading this post and all the comments. Had to laugh at your description of getting a bigger car to fit grandchildren! Well done to the wee lad managing that run. Hope your other wee grandson's treatment is going well x

  • Wow, Fitfor60; good job with your grandson. I have managed to recruit some of the next generation in my family but haven't started on my grandchildren yet. But I will....oh yes I surely will!!!

    Might change my name to Fitforamgoingtobe56veryverysoon!!! Xxxx

  • That would be a fabulous name Amisan! Who would have thought there would be so many of us taking up running in our 50s - and getting hooked on it. You'll love running with grandchildren - I am still surprised by some of the conversations we have . The hardest bit is getting them to slow down so you can keep up . One of best bits is jumping in mud and puddles and not wondering if people think you are silly . I'm ok cos my grandchildren think I am silly anyway

  • Thanks cheery runner Yes was really pleased that Alex enjoyed it all as had reservations about distance and really didn't want to push him in any way. Brody now 1/2 way through treatment and dr pleased with progress side effects seem to be getting worse as he gets older But it is what it is and we are so grateful for the fabulous nhs at newcastle . Just take every day as it comes . Brody is so funny and is always saying I would get faster if I practised more

  • That sounds great! My 3 year old daughter is fascinated with me running and has recently asked if she can have her own running things and come running with me "when she is a bit bigger" but I am not sure how old she should be before starting to run. How old was your grandson and how did you know he was ready?I think it will be great to have her come with me, though I am not expecting any PBs for distance or speed when she does!

  • Just reading article in womens running mag (dec !!!) about children running and thought of you. It also mentions events for very young children -- They all seem to be england so no good for me but reading their web site might be of interest to you Catch

  • Thanks for that I will have a look. She ran across a little park in our village on the way to the shop today so I think she is keen!

  • She sounds like she's ready The article was basically saying at that age short burst of run then wee walk --- just what they would do naturally really

  • Hi catch I think all children are different but if your daughter is asking then in my option she is ready Again I can only tell you what happened with us but I am no expert. I started c25k because I couldn't run a 1 mile charity run / walk with my then 2 1/2 grandson and 4 yr old granddaughter. I think the trick is to make it fun and just part of your normal walks So I will say let's run to that next tree and we get in start position and it's ready steady go .they are all fast but you have to be careful with the distance as they don't always have stamina. In all my parkruns I have been impressed how parents Were NOT pushing their children But just gently encouraging . You certainly won't get any PB s when you go out but you'll get much more . Depending on where you live there is often Santa walk / run / toddle for the whole family and that might be nice to do . So guess what I am saying is as long as she is having fun and not getting tired then go out for wee run and see how it goes. I would be interested to hear in how you get on

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