1st Ever Parc run

Well, finally plucked up the courage to go along to my local parc run.... SO glad I did.

It was blimin freeeeezing, but decided to get my gear on and head to the seafront. It doesn't normally fit in with the rest of the family to be able to get to parcrun at 9am on a Sat ! What with hubby working shifts and my eldest needing a lift to rowing and my baby going to football ( all at the same time but in opposite directions of course!!) such is the busy life of mums taxi! But this week it did fit in, hurrah!

A very friendly bunch they were too ( over 190 runners , wowser). A little pep talk for us newbies and a warm up, we were off! It did feel strange to be running with so many others but I really liked the positive vibe. Lots of very smiley people! Great.Two laps of the course required , and by the time I got to the half way mark the fastest runners were about to finish!!! Blimin 'eck 17.10 mins!!! Amazing...

There was such a mix of ages and ability, just fab. From kids of 8 years up to OAPs of 75+

Talking of which , as I was coming in to the last stretch an 'older gent' overtook me , and sprinted to the finish line... I laughed out loud when I later checked the results as he was in the 75-79 year old age group!!!! Now, that made me feel good !?!?! :-D

Anyhoo, my time was 36.20 and ,guess what? I really loved it.

;-) :-) ;-)


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18 Replies

  • That's a great time & if I manage to get anywhere close to that on my 1st Parkrun I'll be a happy lady!

    Planning on doing my 1st very soon so it's encouraging to see that you really enjoyed it.

  • Thanks Atalaya, it was good fun x

  • Good luck Parkrun is great.

  • Congratulations! Looking forward to the time I can join the runners.

  • Go for it, very friendly peeps :-)

  • Well done for being brave and giving it a go AND enjoying it. You're going to have that 36.20 on your brain now until you can go again and try and get a PB ! Love the fact that the 'older gent' was inspired to sprint past you, park run really is for everyone !

  • Haha, thanks Henpen, wasn't I brave eh? The gremlins didn't talk me out of it!! Xx

  • well done on doing a parkrun :D :D and a great time aswell, i luv parkrun the one i attend is great but there are generally 400+ makes the start interesting.. hope you get to go again soon :D

  • Thanks Notsoslowrob ;-)

    Loved it!

  • Glad you enjoyed it! :) its a nice flat course but the wind can be very bracing :) did you run with Coral? Saw shes was next to you on the results table, an inspiring lady whos always smiling! Well done on your time, might see you there sometime! :)

  • Aahhh , thanks Aliboo , I did really enjoy it- very friendly . I didn't really run 'with' any one in particular but just had a little chat with different people on the way - lots of encouragement & support which was lovely.

    Would be great to meet you some time , I won't be there this week but hope to be the one after :-)

    Well done on your fab London run btw, sounded fab xx

  • thanks caroline :) it was good fun and great to meet some fellow c25kers!

    Yes they are a lovely lot at parkrun , i'll be there this week as on hols but following week i start work at 10.30 in Newport, which is a bit of a rush from Ryde :( but yes it would be lovely to meet up, we'll get there eventually!

  • Well done for doing that. I've been running for 6 months now and still haven't raked up the courage to try a ParkRun (along with lots of keen runners). There's talk of a possible ParkRun starting in my local town (at the moment whichever ParkRun I chose would be a drive away), so something to look forward to. Good luck with improving your time and keep on enjoying it!

  • Thanks notsounfitdadnowsurely? ;-)

    I hope the ParkRun comes your way soooon , it's a wonderful thang this running lark.

  • Aw Well done Caro ! Fab stuff, so pleased you enjoyed it , Yay ! :-D xxx

  • Thanks Pops, I had a blast.... Very friendly running type bods ;-)

  • Just catching up on here (haven't been on much lately)...see you also did a park run! Wonderful!! I haven't braved the crowds on a Saturday morning yet - there are fewer folk at our local and we get an extra half hour in bed in the north (I say we, meaning they, coz I'm not one of them... yet) Sounds like great fun...I'll ve out there soon. :D

  • Well done!!! Im trying to pluck up the courage to go to one but not quite there yet. Really great that you took the first step. Fab. Xx

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