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1st ever Park Run - good and bad

Today my friend and I but the bullet and did out first ever park run. I had run 5k on Wednesday and clocked a time of 31.12. I only had to walk a short section where the road was flooded and frozen, so I was confident I could do the park run.

The course was quite tough, it was undulating gravel paths with a couple of nice hills thrown in (both up and down). I had had a rather rubbish evening the night before due to receiving some very sad news and so felt a bit drained this morning. But I was determined to do it.

I was rather disappointed though that I had to walk a few times - could have kicked myself. I reached the finish line and was utterly knackered. I was convince that I had done an awful time and was far slower than the 5k I ran on Wednesday.

I comforted myself very slightly with the thought that I'm not used to running that amount of hills and usually run on flat Tarmac. I was still cross with myself though. I found it far tougher than I imagined I would.

However, when I received my time it was 31.59 so not much slower than my previous 5k and considering I had walked more and struggled with the hills I was quite pleased.

Am going to have to try and find some hills to run now, not an easy thing to do with a pushchair mind. Lol.

So not a total write off, my goal for the next park run is not to walk at all. I think I should be able to do at least 30mins if I run it all.

I must say though that the Parkrun was really friendly and even though there were some sub 18min runners everyone was really friendly, chatty and I didn't feel intimidated or like I shouldn't be there. It's definitely worth signing up for.

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I'm going to try a Parkrun as soon as I manage 5k, I've only got 3 weeks to go so should be after Christmas. I can't wait, just the early start I'm not looking forward to!


Good luck with finishing the programme and with your park run. They are strangely enjoyable even though they are hard work.


Hi mum, i like doing the Parkruns for that reason, everyone is really friendly and encouraging. I did my third one this morning in Cambridge and i managed to run the whole way around, albeit very slowly (35 mins!). I am only on W3 of the C25K however so i guess its not too bad. Good luck, Ed.


That's brilliant, bet you felt really pleased afterwards. Sometimes time doesn't matter a the achievement is muh better. I'm aiming to complete the whole thing next time without stopping.


Wow what a fantastic time and you had to do hills that is amazing. Well done you should be really proud of yourself :-D


Thank you rolphie2. I was surprised as I thought I was going to be really slow with the walk breaks, and the fact that I had hills thrown in as well. Strangely I found the downhill worse than the uphill parts. Think it was because the gravel paths were quite loose and slippy on the way down.


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