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Confession time - I feel so guilty!

Well at this very moment I should have just started puffing my way round the local park run.

Instead, what am I doing? Sitting in bed eating toast, drinking coffee and confessing to you good people.

Why do I feel SO guilty?

I had every good intention. Set my running stuff out last night, put the alarm on for 7.30 but I just could not bring myself to get out of bed.

It is ridiculous really but that is the way this programme makes you feel.

I had better make up for it later as haven't been out since park run on tuesday. Tell me to get my backside in gear and go running!

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Get your backside in gear and go running!!!! You did say you wanted telling lol.

I have just come back from running Week 4 run 3 and feel fantastic now. My hubby is making me a poached egg and bacon bagel for brekkie and coffee and I got a lie in til 8.30am so best of both worlds :)


Go for it!! I just did a real slow 30 minute "recovery" run and intentionally slowed pace . looked around, did my "garden scoring" of peoples front gardens (game where I give scores out of 10 for effort....dont ask!) and back to bacon butty, tis lovely out there!! :)


its raining but who cares. im just back from my second attempt at W9R1 and had a bacon butty to celebrate.....I know its wrong but I dont care!


Thanks for getting me out there. Just run 3 miles in 37.19 my fastest by 41 seconds :) All on roads which has taken its toll on my knees (sitting with ice packs on them now).

I don't feel as though I am making any progress now, especially compared with the early weeks of the programme where you feel as though you are galloping along (not literally'). Checking my runs on the fabulous garmin though my average time per mile is slowly but surely coming down. It was hard out there today too long hills and windy.

Guilt now all gone :)


Phew! Isn't it funny how not running makes you feel guilty all day. Very pleased that you forced yourself out there :) The improvement in running is very slow and steady for us all after we've finished the podcasts, but when you look back over a few months you will be pleasantly surprised at just how far you've come.


I am supposed to be going today but I was up late last night watching Prodigy in a field in Nottingham!

Think I might give it a miss and go tomorrow.


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