W3R1 done - few twinges but otherwise OK

Well that's the uncertainty about running 3 minutes out of the way...! I had a terrible nights sleep (or lack thereof) last night - woke up at 1:30am and was absolutely wide awake. Still awake at 3:30pm so decided to get up for pre-run breakfast to get some energy inside me. Went back to bed and drifted in and out until 5:30am when the alarm went off. Got up had coffee, banana, got my gear on and paced around the house again to get my limbs moving as it was getting gradually lighter outside.

By 6:40am I gave it a go... I set RunKeeper on my normal 5km circuit map again, did a good 10 min warm up walk (as it was bl**dy cold outside with frost everywhere) and then timed my first run to start just as I got onto the canal towpath. The first run section always gives me a few twinges in various bits of my legs, it's as if my body is getting used to the activity again - thankfully it settles down after the first run section. Even though I was shattered from hardly any sleep I think this was my best run yet. Maybe I'm getting better at it? Maybe it was as I was better fuelled with cereal, banana and coffee, well before I headed out? Probably both... I even tried to make myself run a little faster than normal at times during the run sections, and then slowed back down again to make sure I finished the 3 minute runs OK. Everything is relative, of course, don't assume "speeded up" means I was going to break any land speed records... :-)

Feeling pretty positive again today after this - I'm enjoying getting out there and doing something I thought I'd never do.

Just scoffed a home-made protein bar and a pint of water as I write this, after my stretches. Now for a nice hot shower and then probably collapse on the sofa due to sleep deprivation!

For the stats: distance: 3.14 miles (5.05km), duration: 43m49s (total run time = 9 mins (90s, 3min, 90s, 3min), the rest was walking)


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  • Hey Andrew,

    Congratulations on such a good run, sounds like you enjoyed it this morning. I've not long opened the curtains and when I saw frost I concluded no one would be out running in this - so well done for going, never mind speeding up and achieving a good time.

    Hope you get some catch up sleep later today!

  • Thanks! I think I need some running gloves, my hands were frozen. It was surprisingly busy down by the canal at just before 7am on a Saturday. One old chap going for a walk, a couple walking their dogs and a lady jogger coming the other way taking her dog for a run. Always nice to say a quick 'hello' in those circumstances - I'd never dream of saying random 'hello's to people in the street but it seems the done thing to do when in somewhere a bit more scenic at strange hours(!)

  • I have a dog and I think dog walkers are usually the most sociable. However, since I've been jogging, I will also say hello to people as I pass them, which I probably wouldn't do if we were both just walking. You're right though, early mornings always encourage people to talk. Our social rules are strange aren't they?! Glad you had a jolly morning as well as a productive one! Happy weekend!

  • Hi Andrew, sounds like you had a great run and have a good place to go. I think those stats sound pretty good! Good luck and go get some sleep! x

  • Wow Andrew that's fantastic. I'm reading ahead to w3 here which I probably shouldn't as I'm off to do w2r2 soon. This is so inspiring. Take care on slippery towpaths though, you had me a bit worried! I can't imagine being able to progress but reading your posts is really inspiring.

  • Thankfully the towpath is a proper compacted gravel-type path so nice and safe - plus there's about 2' of grass verge either side of it, so even at 6:30am there's little chance of my weary tired body falling in!

    I'm amazed by how my 42-year-old, overweight, unfit body is reacting and repairing itself with this C25K programme - I think a miracle is happening! Keep the faith and anything seems possible!

  • Well done- out for over 40 mins and 5k completed. In a few short weeks - you will be running that!. My experience of socialbity is that - generally dog walkers are the most sociable. Occasionally other runners smile, cyclists just ignore you -don't take it personally :-)

    For running gloves try lidl or aldi - they are cheap and do the job

  • Hey - well done! Running gloves are a must at this time of year - I definitely couldn't run without them.

    I'm doing my W3R1 tomorrow - still not convinced I can do 3 minutes though, but I will give it a damn good try!

  • Thanks! I'm surprised by how, dare I say, easy, it was today. It must be down to the extra food/drink I had well before my run (due to lack of sleep and eating cereal at 3:30am then banana and coffee at about 5:45am). I felt more alert and more energy that normal. I'm chomping at the bit to do a parkrun but know I need to wait at least 4 more weeks maybe. That won't stop me walking the course beforehand though to try to assess things!

  • Well done Andrew. Great you braved the cold and did it anyway. Don't worry about the speed. You're doing it. That's what's important. :-)

  • This is great to know, just completed week 2 today and the thought of 3 mins running is scaring me , I know I'll get through it as I have every time I've been freaked but doesn't stop me stressing, thanks for the positivity and I'm the same my first run always seems to be like my legs are remembering how to do it and feels harder !!! Keep up the great work and hope mine goes as well in a day or so when I hit week 3 run 1 too xx

  • I know what you mean :) When I had the prospect of running 60 seconds, I was terrified in the seconds before I had to break into that first jog. When I moved from 60 to 90 seconds I also didn't know if I'd make it. Same from 90 seconds to 3 minutes. I have faith in the programme now and my ability to see it through. I'll keep going until (if?) I have any issues - it may or may not need a repeat of a couple of sessions, we'll see, but I'm looking forward to it now rather than being scared of it.... apart from the 20 min run - I'm quite scared of that still !

  • Astilla

    We seem to be at the same stage of the programme - as I have just finished W3. BUT -- I am taking the programme one small step further, by doing a Parkrun on Saturday using exactly the programme that I have run during that week. This week, I did it - then continued to the 5K finish line just running random run/walk intervals but concentrating more on my breathing and decided to "go for it" when the finish line came into sight. I was really amazed at the energy and strength I still had left when I sprinted quite fast ( for me) that last 100 metres. My time for the 5K (as it is measured by Parkrun volunteers) wasn't much faster than what I have done before just using 30second/30 second run/walk intervals -- but I WAS really pleased with my remaining energy at the end.

  • Since week 2, I've been doing a full 5k circuit, and just walking home the remaining amount when Laura has finished talking in my head. I'd love to push myself further but I think I have to be careful or I'll trigger off my CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome) badly and set myself back. i wanted to do a full circuit though so I can just see my time come doing as the minutes running increases week on week.

  • yes - certainly do it to what you feel like your own body wants :) See you at the end of Week 4 :)

  • That's fab , I'm starting to trust in it too lol, I feel same if I struggle too much I'm gonna repeat til I'm happy , if it takes time better I take that time than give up right xx keep up the good work x

  • Well done on your run, definitely sound like you are progressing well, hope you had a well deserved rest:) Its lovely getting such a positive vibe from this programme............

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