Couch to 5K

Officially completed C25K

Quite a few weeks ago I did run for thirty minutes but it was not after the full nine weeks. So since then I have

1. Stopped smoking

2 Had a chest infection which laid me low for a good week

3 Carried on with the plan

4. Here's my favourite. "I Did the last run this morning "

So. Thanks to all off you for your support and next stop 10 k

To anyone in the early weeks reading this - it is achievable and you will enjoy it

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We'll done, I bet you fell 100feet tall and you deserve it. The 10k thing can be done, but I would suggest that you don't obsess about it. Make 5k your 'thing' and push the envelope every now and again. You'll get there.

Equally we'll done for stopping smoking, that can't be easy either!


Fantastic, well done! Enjoy your running, and good luck with your training for 10k x


fab...well done you, and I hope you are feeling better???


Well done, enjoy your graduation. Congratulations on stopping smoking - it's much easier said than done. Hope you are now fully recovered from your chest infection. Good luck with the next stage of your running journey and my best wishes to you.


Thank you all for your words. I do feel very pleased with myself as before starting this programme I had Never run before so if a 48 year old former exercise dodger can do it ............


Well done you! I hadn't run since hating it at school but started C25K in January 2013 at the tender age of 63 and graduated a year ago. I then felt a bit aimless for a while - "Now what?" - as I didn't want to progress to 10K at my age, so I still alternate the three C25K+ podcasts and make sure I get out there three times a week.



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