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Phew... wk5 hurdle complete

What a great supportive forum this is. Love reading everyone's stories, especially those at a similar place in the programme.

Week 5 done and week 6 starts tomorrow.

I did week 5 run 2 twice as I didn't feel like I was psychologically in the right place to do run 3 - had a bad day at work but wanted to run anyway so just repeated run 2. Run 3 was okay... not easy by any means... when Laura said 5 mins was done I definitely groaned out loud! But when I got to 15 mins I knew I would finish it.

Looking fwd to starting week 6 though I'm not sure I'm looking forward to the non-stop runs coming soon. I like an interval!! But fingers crossed.

Happy running tomorrow to everyone x

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Well done! It's definitely more of mental challenge than physical during the longer runs. Don't worry about the non-stop ones though, you'll get to a point where they become easier than stopping and starting!

Good luck with week 6. I'm sure you'll do great! :)


Hi Karen - I liked my little walks in the runs too and really struggled with the transition to week 6. Take each run slowly (more slowly than you have been running up to now) and you'll get through. That's what eventually worked for me ... oh, and doing a bit of gremlin squishing along the way, cos it was sooooo hard running with a head gremlin on each shoulder! Good luck :)


Hey hey - 20mins , how good does that feel !!

Congrats and keep an eye on W6 , it's a cheeky devil :)


Thank you all, wise words!!

It's definitely mind over matter... and 20 mins non-stop felt great!

Run 1 of week 6 done this morning... and was tough! Really had to drag myself around. And it's hot in London this morning!

Slow and steady and we'll get there eh :)



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