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I'm not one who likes to look ahead and see what's coming next, as I know I'll scare myself witless and lose confidence. So at the start of week 5, when the lovely MJ told me each of the runs was going to be different this week, I thought 'uh-oh'! Anyway, run 1 was fine. :)

Run 2 - hard work, but fine. :))

Run 3, (this morning) - when he told me what I was going to be doing, I quoted John McEnroe at him 'You cannot be serious'!!

Anyway - yes - I did it!! Phew.

However, although I don't know what's coming in week 6, (and am better off not knowing), I do know from other posts I've read that it can be a tough one, so I think I'll repeat this run - maybe do it a bit better, going in to it knowing that I can do it already.

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W5R3 is a tough've done it & to me, if you've done that one you can do the rest......well done!!!

You did it!!! That's a tough one, and be reassured, you'll find week 6 run 1 a doddle by comparison. :-)


Please don't repeat this week without even trying next weeks run. W6 is a psychologically tough one for those of us who did look ahead and thought it would be a bit of a doozy. Others breeze through W6 without an issue.

The programme works and it is perfectly tailored, so respect each week but fear none. Don't put up barriers for yourself by deciding you can't do it before you have even attempted it.

JaneM21Graduate in reply to Whatsapp

Wise words. Thank you!


Well done.

You have proved the plan works. Believe in it and more importantly, believe in are capable of way more than you allow yourself to believe.

Don't go backwards. You don't fail if you don't complete a run. You have found your level. Be brave, push are a runner!!

So please don't repeat today's run, because honestly there's no need. You ticked a big box today, take the win and move on.

W6 is a bit feisty but you'll do it, and you have Mr Smooth helping you through.

He won't let you down, and you won't let you down.

You cannot be serious about going backwards or staying at the same run , go forwards with heart and head, and your legs will follow them I promise...


Slow and steady and just know that this programme takes you on through each and every single run...Please listen to IannodaTruffe ... just do the runs as gently and slowly as you like.... you can do this:)


No..move have done run 3 and are ready for wk 6. I had the same can do it!


Thank you all so very much for your encouragement. It's a great way of feeling supported.

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